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mcopo 10-09-2014 05:15 AM

The even more Incredible Machine - Windows Version
Hello all.
Recently I managed to get 2 games that came installed my 1995 pc: Lode Runner - The Legend Returns (LR) and The even more Incredible Machine (TEMIM). Both are the 16 bit Windows version, so I downloaded this Win3.11 to run them through DOSBox:

At first, LR had weird music (some midi instruments weren't being played) and TEMIM did not play any sound effects (music was fine, though).
Then I installed another SB16 driver ( over the existing one. This fixed LR's music, but TEMIM still doesn't play any sound effects!

Since I couldn't find anything regarding this issue, I decided to ask for help here. Did anyone else experienced this? Is this a documented compatibility issue?

Smiling Spectre 15-09-2014 08:44 AM

Unlike Win95 and up, I suppose, Win3.11 games still require you to set soundcard, int and address manually... Check what is set in the DOSBox and what do you using? :)

(I can be wrong here - as it happens to me, while I spent a lot of time with the video manipulations, 3.1 sound totally missed me...)

Japo 15-09-2014 09:54 PM

I think all ancient versions of Windows already provide some kind of hardware interfacing similar to the one in recent versions. Although I don't know about its particulars so I can't help much.

However Spectre may have a point. Check the sound card parameters both in your autoexec and in the Windows Control Panel. In particular, the default IRQ emulated by DOSBox is 7, and Windows or the game may expect a more standard 5 ...??

PS: Actually what old Windows versions missed was the opposite, "accelerated" direct hardware access which was the only option on DOS. So performance was poor and this is why it was eventually necessary to make DirectX (and a few predecessor libraries before such as WinG).

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