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marko river 05-09-2013 08:43 AM

Ok, you two, please go back to the topic, and continue chatting elsewhere.

Just to make it public here as well - if the game is in Spanish, it still must have English review. Until recently, non-English game were rejected for our site, unless you can play them without knowing the language (usually some sports, racing or platform game). Those non-English games are treated same as English, they needed a review.

But from now on we will be adding non-English games as well. If there is English version, then non-Englihs version should be placed in Extras. If game has no English version, than game may still be hosted with some info on the page which language it is.

Smiling Spectre 06-09-2013 07:34 AM

Sorry, marco, I didn't notice that this thread is not in "flame" section. *going silent*

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