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twillight 01-04-2023 10:31 AM

While the site was down, they gave away Alwa's Awakening, a classic-stly platformer.

Thisa time they are giving Deep Sky Derelicts: Station Life, another (failed) roguelike deckbuilder. I don't say these are bad, but they obviously did not sell. time to wake up, gaming indusrty-developer side: roguelike is not a good concept. It can work, but the mayority of time it doesn't.

twillight 29-04-2023 08:29 AM

Under The Moon
Certainly not the graphic what sells it.

twillight 12-06-2023 12:02 PM

Some simple-looking ouzzle-platformer-thingy, kinda old-style. Looks good.

twillight 20-06-2023 12:45 PM

Eschalon: Book II
Looks a bit old and clunky, but could be worse. Could be team-based.
Also, Book 1 is amongst the free games, so you don't have to worry that much about this being Book 2.
I have no idea how these are structured though, but either way, there is a Book 3, which is either the ending, or you know, ending of the overarching storyline, which'd be better. Anyway, that kind of giveaway can generate profit even on giving away free stuff, so I appreciate the ffort.
Some gameplay video sample had been nice right on the GoG-page though. Youtube will have some of course, but ya know, people r lazy.

twillight 29-06-2023 08:05 AM

Ancient Enemy
For some reason the banner is in another castle, but here is the direct link.

this is a Solitair-reimagining. Good old solitair-rules with a couple of extra removal-options introduced, and each map has a different card-layout.
It is pretty fun actualy, for solitair-lovers, or casual players in general. You spend like 5 min doing a level, and you're fine. Or get serious with it, turn on the hard mode, and overthink everything spending 20-30 minute on layout :D

Seriously, this is a good one.

twillight 01-07-2023 07:27 AM

Beholder 2
Something, something, managerial.

twillight 16-07-2023 08:55 PM

The Whisperer
Sometimes it feels GoG is trying to hide its giveaways.
Not sure how long this'll last, as this isn't even the usual way they make giveaways.

That aside, the game looks like typical walking-simulator horror game, and such title I don't have in my library yet, so I thought why not.

Nyrans2000 25-07-2023 12:54 PM

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twillight 29-08-2023 07:31 AM

Hero of the Kingdom II
I can't decide if someone took Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and transformed it to an ... adventure game? Farming simulator? Trading game?
It looks slooow.

twillight 02-09-2023 06:58 AM

King's Bounty: The Legend
Dunno. Looks like substitute for Baldur's Gate 3. But who wants a substitute?

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