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TrashALL 09-03-2018 05:31 AM

When my mom and dad raised me they told me just be a kid. I am 44 years old and I am living in my parent's roof. If I wanted to do whatever I want like get married and have kids I can go out and get a job and work for what I want but my parents say for now I am their kid. So ... Thank you Immaculate Mary for praying for me because I need it. I now have officially been told to just be a kid and stay home while they take care of business. hehe Seriously I have very little if any influence on my parents. In fact my mom says your highest priority is choosing between coffee or candles to burn to Jesus and Mary! hehe And they expect JESUS. hehe They give me an option however they want me to choose the obvious. hehe Anyways they know that I need my vices from time to time. So maybe once in a while I can take a break from drinking filtered water like my parents indicate. They are serious compared to me. hehe Thank you to my parents for teaching me just play at home and do what I want at home. hehe Well where is mystic mystie mistie misty hehe miss ty. haha Oh! I forgot she is miss y. hehe

Smiling Spectre 12-03-2018 06:02 PM

Oh. You again.

Capo 13-03-2018 05:56 PM

that guy lol

Mystvan 14-03-2018 02:25 AM

I was wondering why :what: this post had not yet been deleted to maintain the dignity of poor Tienís family, but... never mind! :palm:

Umm... Dear Tien ... Iíd rather talk to you privately, but since youíve been banned for good, this is no longer possible.

To whom it may concern!

TankYOU_JESUS 14-03-2018 02:25 PM

Smiley; Capo; Missy hehe
To whom it may concern,

I really miss you all especially Missy. I figure I check in on all of you to see how you are doing. It is good to be in private because you get to hug but that is reserved for your spouse. I have changed a bit since last. Settled down more. Growing greyer. I have black hair but the ends of my hair are grey tipped for some reason haha. I am glad to see you are all here. I have taken a break from programming since you last saw me# I just do not have the drive that I once had. My relationship with my stepdad is better. I continue to talk about Holy Mary not too much but it is more a private matter. It is like a constant thought repeating "O Mary! Conceived without sin pray for us who have recoursed to thee." haha Actually I were a medal my mom bought for me that says that with an engraving of Mary on it. I too were a Saint Benedict medal and that is all the two I have time for. The Saint Benedict medal helps ward off bad karma. They are heirloom to me from my parents that the world does not care about. However I have come to the reality that no matter what my family raised me. The world might think my family is nothing but that is where I came from... Vietnam a poor country. I just ordered from China our relatives and people complain they are cheap but I am from a poor country. haha

Now Missy I have to move to Capo... dear Capo dude. Make sure you marry the right spouse your race. I always like Italians. Well besides saying age should be within 2 years apart the sex has to be opposite to have babies!!! haha I do not care what the current law is#

Now for Smiley... I like Russia. I have a friend who has a name that is from Russia. But she is Vietnam. haha

Mystvan 14-03-2018 07:48 PM

Dear Tien...

I do not know what to say... I do not know if you are being serious or not. When I said that I preferred to talk privately, it would be via PM. That was obvious, since you were permanently banned from the AB Forums, I do not know where you got this idea from?

Now, in relation to my gender, I believe I have often affirmed that I was a guy. I just do not understand how you insist on wanting to believe that I am a girl.

And I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not swing that way and neither swing both ways, but I am straight. You will have to look for someone else who has the same sexual preferences as yours.

Well thatís all. And please refrain mentioning your personal and family data publicly, as they are classified. Letís keep your dignity and that of your family, OK? Take care.

ChķaGiÍsu 14-03-2018 10:03 PM

Thank you Mystvan. I love you even though I don't swing that way either. I love you like a son loves a father. Well you know what I am trying to say. It is like someone trying to care for his mother and all he can do is see her grow old while he is just a kid. He can't do anything more. It is hard when you are not God! But I don't want to be God. I am happy to be a human person like my two parents. I would rather go through my life and choosing who I love than to be force into a relationship forever and ever. In my experiences it is better to be just be. I don't want to go out of the house wearing suit and tie all the time. I just visited my stepdad and he just wore shorts after visiting Singapore etc. When you are at home and no one is watching you want to be free. What that indicates is I don't like authority!!! I say Yes SIR all the time however it doesn't indicate that I like it. My dad and mom both served in the military in our country. So I grew up just doing that to impress them. In the end when I was too young my two parents sent me to private school. Both wanted me to be with Jesus Christ. They might not be perfect to the world and everyone else but to me they are good people. I love my two parents and my two sisters because that is all I have. In my family there are only 5 people: mom dad sis and sis and myself. So we learn that we can always depend on each other. I can't talk to you except in public because I have no choice. I want to be your friend and email you until all your problems goes away!!! And that is not my choice. Sometimes we cannot do anymore than talk. So whether you are a boy or a girl I hope you meet someone your age range. Please don't go too high or too low more than your age. Please marry your own race. It doesn't matter about religion but it matters if you love each other!!! Anyways I am not making any sense# I just speak my mind and hopefully someone understands. That is why I go to the psychiatrist. They try to understand me but they just don't. They just give me meds and say just go home and talk to your mom and family and friends. Then come back 3 months and we give you more meds and send you home again. We are not your friends and we are certainly not your family. We are here to give you meds so you calm down and never express your true feelings because that is too hard for us to understand. We want logic 1+1=2. We don't care about emotional numbers 1+smiley=thank you God... and don't laugh because we put in your prison cell because you don't get take serious. So just stay home and talk to the 4 walls. Never cross boundaries because that is taboo.

I don't want to get complicated. I just want you to stay out of porn. I just want you to marry a good guy. I just want you to meet someone in person who you know a long time ago instead of the fake internet. I just want you to be happy. If you talk just be fun loving.

If you want to talk in private just email me at t i e n dot n g u y e n 3 2 at y a h o o dot c o m and my real name is Tien. I am officially a baptized non-denominational Christian. The police does know me. etc. So if you talk to me know it is not private whether you email or not. I am famous!

Be cool dude,

Help!hehe 14-03-2018 11:39 PM

Well I'm just being myself.
You know I've been preaching for only a short time. 12 years is a short time in my time out of the 4 times that much that I have lived. What I have understand is when you follow God life is not always peachy but it is better than going homeless and being spanked etc. I have always sufferred in my life. The only difference when I follow God is that I suffer much less. I stress the word much! The good books says my way is better than human ways. No wonder when I do it my way I always end up losing much and gaining nothing. I stress nothing. So before I go any further "Thank you God for the rest of my life." I already have a friend. So I don't need another one. However I am just impatient so I just post nonsense on these boards. I am glad to find some friendly people along the ways. Even though they are fake it is better than nothing. haha It is rare if at all that someone would open their arms to you. I can count them on 1 hands. When I need something I can go to my own family. My mom says the hardest part about being a child is opening up to your parents who care about your true wellbeing. A child is always scared of their parents because the parents want the child to do good in school etc. They want to discipline their kids and so the kids are scared to come to them. So it is hard for the kid in their eyes. But strangers are even worst because you are not with real family members. They will help you out with strings attached. J E S U S # Once I talked with a foreigner in this country. He says it is what can I get out of it deal? My father says it has to be even. But my mom is kind. She does care about her kids ultimate welfare however she gives a lot!!!! Everytime I get into an arguement with my mom she always at worst case storms out of the home. Then I get it because she brings the elders. haha Then I get talked down on and counseled by many of them. haha So I calm down and it lasts. I realize no matter how right I am I must give way to my parents. That is the official law of God!!!!! I want to take honour by being right however according to God it is a disgrace to bring yourself higher than your elders# So now I am trash almost. I am low but have enough for myself so I can live a life without lacking.

God_Jesus_Christ 14-03-2018 11:44 PM

Thank you for treating me special Myst even though you are a guy.
I will check back the best I can from time to time. So always remember to trust God and not people. My mom and dad says internet are fake friends. They put a pickture up and you meet them and they end up to be street lazy no good people# They talk good on line but when you meet them they hurt you etc. So take it for fun and don't get too deep. Have fun and if it is your's then it will come to you. God takes care of everything and everyone wholoves him. Take care if I don't see you again. Nothing is guaranteed and that is from The Holy Bible!!!!

Capo 15-03-2018 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by TankYOU_JESUS (Post 482096)
Now Missy I have to move to Capo... dear Capo dude. Make sure you marry the right spouse your race. I always like Italians. Well besides saying age should be within 2 years apart the sex has to be opposite to have babies!!! haha I do not care what the current law is#


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