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Mystvan 12-07-2017 12:30 AM

Capo, Japo and Paco

Originally Posted by Mystvan (Post 467824)
Did you know that the Greek God of Wine is called Bacchus (Baco in Portuguese)?

After a good dose of delicious wine :beer: *burp!*, here are the conclusions:

Capo Japo Paco? :what:

Capo Paco Japo? :unsure:

Japo Capo Paco? :dunno:

Japo Paco Capo? :hypno:

Paco Capo Japo? :hypno2:

Paco Japo Capo? :wacko:

Whoa! My head is spinning... :wacko:

I still have hopes! Maybe that famous girl can help us solve the mystery, because she is the famous detective Miss (Lulu_)Jane Marple. :mhh: :lulu: :facts:


Originally Posted by yoga (Post 467830)

I know who is Bacchus.
I am producing nice wine "Merlot" now.

But You amigo mio do not know Paco. Shame! :)

He was our leader many years ago. He did nice game maps.

Capo is the best gamer here. 1000 games passed.
(poor yoga 145 only).
Viva Italy!!

Japo is ... Japo. Big Boss also.

Costa! Second leader here.

All these heroes and humble yoga played games in time
when You was in Yr dad ...
(just kidding)


Победа будет за нами!
(We will win!)

Did you know that there are interesting and interesting words in the Portuguese language about Capo, Japo and Paco?

Capote, Japona and Pacote.

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