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tienkhoanguyen 27-09-2017 12:13 PM

PC tips for everyone!
Well over the past year I have gotten hit by viruses over a dozen times. I am fortunate to have a copy of my backup. No matter what backup softwares you use please make sure the backup method works first. It would be a pain when you go to get out your backup and it turns out that it is not bootable. That has happened to me several times!

Especially if you are a developer or even if you only save family pictures or family videos those precious moments can never be recovered especially if your family has passed away. I know I have a faulty memory and when I look at the photos it brings much more details into my sight!

What if I just have animals you say? Well if they are your friends then of course by all cases back them up. They live only 100 dog years. I love squirrels.


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