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Reup 05-04-2006 07:29 AM

Feel free to comment and discuss this game here. Also, if you have any useful tips or tricks don't hesitate to share them with the others! Thanks!

Review & Screenshots

Calus 05-04-2006 08:04 AM

It looks very nice. I'll give it a try.

Barking Dragon 06-04-2006 09:33 AM

Och! this game hurts. I wanted to like it so much, but after getting lost all the time and walking for hours(real hours) I decided to make a map of all the towns and well.... I made one map and quit LOL.
But if you want to postpone the frustration until after you leave the first city I have a map!

jimmy7512 06-04-2006 10:35 AM

How do I talk to people and buy stuff ?

Antichrist 06-04-2006 04:28 PM

You can click on Control Menu and select Buy, Conversation etc.
Now one stupid question: I tried running install but then it says insert disk 1, so I just extracted zip and ran DGate. DOSBox ofcourse. Now how do I save? If I click on load/save it says insert disk 1 again. What am I doing wrong?
EDIT: I got it now, you need to mount it as a floppy...

blud63 07-04-2006 02:42 PM

omg... i've waited so long for this game to be hosted here.. its my all time favorite since i was young. Good to see it actually got a good review, every other site slams it. theres several versions of the game out there, and theres actually a patch available.. i know the one that that other abadonware site hosts that they tried to "fix" didnt work right, maybe this is the version. There was also a cd-rom version which was about the same size as well.. if anyone would like i have the game manual and it has a "mini-walkthrough" to get out of the first town, i'd have no problem typing that up if you guys want it :)

EDIT: i've downloaded and tested this version on my machine now, i've found with this and other versions of it that if you dont extract it to C:\daemonsgate, it will give those disk insert errors. This is actually a pretty stable version, i think maybe its the european version, because it has a different company name in the intro than im used to. but, i ran it through XP straight up with no sound and it ran perfectly fine, and saved and loaded games fine. For sound i always used to use VDMSound with xp's dos prompt and sound set to soundblaster. Hope i helped someone :).


this is straight out of the game manual, very basic hint/tips n tormis walkthrough:


1. GOSSIP! You will usually find much useful information just by gossiping to various people.

2. MAGIK! Whenever the opportunity arises to get your hands on something magikal or recruit a spellcaster, go for it.

3. COMBAT! Avoid wherever possible, if your foe is non too observant, and you are careful when you move, it is possible to sneak past many potential assailants.

4. MESSAGES! If a non-player character says something to you before you enter conversation it is usually important, make a note of it.


Do not read this section unless your sanity is severely threatened by your inability to get started in Daemonsgate.


There is a secret way out of the city, but very few people know about it. Who would need to use secret passages?


The Thieves Guild knows all about the way out, but you have to do a favour for them first. Hanri the Knife is scum, but you must trust him, for now.


Gossip till you find out about the SEWERS.
Ask about SEWERS.
Go to Militia Headquarters and ask the Sergeant about THIEVES GUILD.
Go to the Harvester of Sorrow and find MOLL, ask her about the THIEVES GUILD. The rest is fairly obvious, honest.

note from me: That wasnt very good now was it, what the game designers were thinking, or drinking, is a mystery to me ;). Also a small thing i thought funny from the manual, since the game is about Daemons and the book/box has pentagrams all over it, they put a disclaimer kind of deal in the back, it reads as this:

Remember, Daemonsgate is a portrayal of a fantasy world. Daemons, Magik, and the Undead are part and parcel of this world. We do not in any way condone or accept the relationship between these fictitious creations and any such similar beings or practices associated with, in real life or current religious mythology. Its only a game, dont take it too seriously.


Surfsuds 07-04-2006 10:39 PM

Thank you for your great post and detailed instructions. I hate starting a game and getting lost right off the bat. Now I can give it a go. Thanks, Bluddy! :ok:

blud63 17-04-2006 11:24 AM


It seems to me that most people despise this game because they have so much trouble
getting out of the first city. I really cant see how a seasoned RPG/Adventure gamer
couldnt figure this out, but for this small FAQish text i'll give you the clearest
route that will get you on your way to actually playing the game and getting involved
in the story line, which if you ask me, is much better than a few other RPG's of the
early-mid nineties.

Step 1: You start in the pigge and ball-bearing, strike up conversation and gain as much
information as you can, especially about SEWERS, and THIEVES GUILD. While you are
here, grab Jeremiah Nameless and Anvil Sigmundson. They, along with you, will be
the biggest part of your fighting force for the rest of the game. Now leave the
Inn and take a left and go for awhile past the brown houses everyone gets lost in.
You will find another Inn called the Harvester of Sorrow, go in and convo again and
talk to Moll about SEWERS/THIEVES GUILD and she'll tell you to meet her tommorrow or
and when you do she asks you to leave all your weapons. DON'T DO THAT. There is no
need to even talk to her further. The Thieves Guild is a few buildings north of this
Inn and says "Aquisitions" when you walk by the door. We have other work to do before
we go there. Also above this inn is a Pawn Broker where we will be doing all of our
buying and selling, and a dirty Book Store where we will buy our books.

Step 2: Go back towards the Pigge and Ballbearing, and b-line south. Right near there is a
building surrounded by walls, this is the Miltia Headquarters. If you rested and
trained up your LOCKPICKING with Gustavus AND purchased Thieves Tools from the Pawn,
you can steal alot of armor and weapons from this place. DO SO, and sell it all at
the pawn brokers later. Onto more exciting endeavours, also you can talk to the militia
captain for more info on things.

Step 3: Elementalism is CRUCIAL to completing this town, and the game. Everyone always goes
bonkers on the forums because they "cant find a magic-user". He's right in the town.
Exit the Militia Headquarters and keep going south. You will go across a bridge and
at the end of it is the Tormis Grand Library. You only have to enter for a minute, go
up two rooms, and on the shelf is a Book of Lockpicking, Get it. Use that to read and
train Gustavus's skill to master whenever. Leave the Library, and to your right is a
few empty Hostels and Warehouses, and the Tormis University. Enter there, and in the
first or second room is a man named Arion Edmundson. Thats your first Elementalist,
rejoice. Also further into the university are teachers who can tell you about alot of
info, and ingredient lists for Potions for a PRICE. To clear this up now, when someone
says they will do something for a price, click on the AMOUNT and you will be prompted
yes or no. At the end of the University is a locked room with potion ingredients, and a
book entitled Ye Elements, which you get your ELEMENTAL LORE skill from. Take it all, and
sell everything but the book, you need as much money as you can get in order to complete
all of this.

Step 4: Leave the University, go back up the bridge and take a right. Up in there are shops and
warehouses, and the MERCENARIES GUILD. Enter there. Go loot all the rooms for some weapons
for more money at the pawn. Strike up Convo and gain CYLESS and DARKSKY. Now, your party
is complete for the time being. Exit the guild and head back to the Pigge or Harvester of

Step 5: Now, sell all your stuff except your books. Sounds crazy, eh? We'll get to it. Go into
one of the inns and get ready for the boring part. Buy plenty of lodgings and start to
train your skills, have ARION read Ye Elements to gain elemental lore, and have everyone
else train up ONE HAND EDGE either from a book or teaching *save money and teach*. Gustavus
should also train up LOCK PICKING and HAGGLING, if he hasnt done so. Now that your skills
are up, which takes FOREVER, time to use that money you've been hoarding from your sales.
Buy a few ADAMANTINE SWORDS from the pawnbroker, and go back to the inn and start resting.
Click on ELEMENTAL LORE with ARION and enchant a adamantine sword with a GARGANTUAN FIRE
ELEMENTAL. you might fail on the first or second one, but these swords cost 120 gold each.
But, the key here is, when you sell a completed elemental blade, you can get upwards of 450
gold each. Thats the ticket, mass money. Repeat this process until you have a couple of the
blades, and sell and buy more blank swords. Before you know it, you'll be rolling in the
money. Make sure you make 8, one for each party member and extras for new characters. Buy
everyone the full PLATE gear and silver helms. Now, your party are well trained, well geared
and very rich. Now, that wasnt completely insane now was it?

Step 6: You've talked to moll, you know where the thieves guild is *north of harvester*. Go there,
and talk to Hans the Knife about THIEVES GUILD and SEWERS and SECRET ENTRANCE. He'll tell
you to go under the place through the sewers and rescue TRAVIS SEWERBREATH. Go down there,
and follow the sewers right and down the whole way. You'll come to a locked door to the
Jail, pick it and go in, TRAVIS is in the room farthest down and to the right. Talk to him
and he'll have you meet him at the Harvester. Back through the long old sewers again to the
guild and go back to the harvester. SELL THE GUARDS HALBERDS YOU PICKED UP, and keep click
reject on items when you sell them to get the higest price, trust me.. hold out and do it.
Now talk to Travis, and talk about him and Hans and the guild and the entrance, and he'll
tell you to kill Hans and retreive the Guild ring. Back to the guild, Hans will confront
you after you walk around him a bit, kill him and retreive the ring. Go to the Harvester,
and heres where everyone gets confused, go to your INVENTORY screen, click on the portraits
until it goes to Travis's face, and GIVE him the ring. Exit the screen, and he will give
you the key to the entrance left under the sewers. He will want to join, let him for now
so you can gain the TOWN LORE and SEARCH skills. Let him go, and you are free to leave the
city through the sewers now. Now your on your way to the game!

this mini-tormis-walkthrough was exhaustive enough, see the one and only incomplete faq that is
actually on the net on EVERY game site for this game. it is good material to get you through the
rest of the game if you need it, and you most definatly will if you needed this. Hope this helps

Written by: Charles Ashley / Bluddy

Borodin 17-04-2006 12:49 PM

I actually had an opportunity to review this title when it first came out, and was sent a copy (in the US) by a distributor--from, surprisingly, Kentucky, as I recall. I also found the controls annoying, and the first city a problem. The game had a lot of seeming potential, but it did not feel like it had gone past the beta stage. The distributor knew nothing about it, provided no assistance, and seemingly only wanted reviews without queries. I sent it back, and suggested he send it on when it was finished. I don't recall any US publications at the time reviewing it, but I could well be wrong.

blud63 20-04-2006 01:42 AM

and this is my last post in this thread, hopefully for awhile, what more is there, right? i ripped and uploaded the movie that came with daemonsgate, its about 10-11 minutes long and is a total file size of 61.9mb. I've hosted it on a free file site if anyone would like to download and watch it for nostaligia purposes, that, and it cant be found anywhere else on the web :)


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