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12turtle12 20-04-2008 11:52 PM

News Forum / News Submissions
relating to the abandonware / possibly upcoming abandonware arena

like this

(I'd like to link to, but apparently it's down for a week or so - they have a better reflection of my idea)

I thought about this upon seeing Romano's (?) link in the articles section, I think.

12turtle12 21-04-2008 12:35 AM

hi Romano, got your PM but didn't notice you in the shoutbox - let me know if you'd rather I continued this conversation via PM


here is how it would work (in my mind, anyway - there could be a public discussion / admin discussion IF this idea is well-received)
anyone can post a "news submission" - King's Quest 1-5 just became abandonware!!! (this is false, just for an example, though) - they would *hopefully* then post a link where this information can be found, which could be a pre-existing article, or, as abandonia gets larger and the magazine is ready, we could get original interviews about games, abandonware in general, etc
After a news submission is confirmed by a member of our "news staff", or if you prefer, an editor/admin - then it could be posted in a "News" section by an authorized newsposter, or an admin.
If you think this would cut into the abandoned times, please let me know.

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