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Clownzilla 02-05-2007 02:17 AM

I remember playing a game in the early to mid 90's (can't remember if it was in DOS or windows). Anyway, it was a poker game that I enjoyed which is impressive because I hate poker! What made it interesting was the fact that you were able to create your own game rules. I remember the rule making was VERY deep and the sky was the limit. I remember that I bought it in one of those "greatest hits" boxes. I think that the box was a little bit smaller than usual. Another game that I remember in the same series is that Karspov Chess game (which I also owned). If anybody knows the name of the game, please post it.

Luchsen 10-07-2007 11:01 PM

Kasparov's Gambit is an Electronic Arts game. Electronic Arts games are commonly sold with other Electronic Arts games. The only card game sold together with Kasparov's Gambit was Grand Slam Bridge II.

I know a poker game with massive rule options but can't remember it's name.

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