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goc 15-06-2019 04:46 PM

Multiplayer games on ONE PC (on Abandonia)
I search for:
1. Game with posibility to play at least 2 players on one PC.

2. I prefer co-op games.

3. If the game has story , it is advantage.

4. Start with games which are on Abandonia, but be free to mention also other games that you consider as good multiplayer game one 1 PC.

I look forward to your reply :)

For me:
Golden axe 2(co-op,has story)
Dstroy(2-4players,co-op, easy story)
Atomic Bomberman(2players and more on gamepads(10),possible team play or vs, no story, fun arcade)
Gauntlet 2 - (2-4 players, co-op, no story, after several hours all the same)
Jump n' Bump (1998) - (2-4players,no story, just vs,easy game fun for 1 hour)

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