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eMTe 16-05-2014 07:11 PM

C-64 sidescroller (?)
I believe it was a sidescroller, but I wouldn't bet a single cent for this after all these years. The only certain things are:

-it was C64 game and I played it some time around 1990/1991, but game itself was proabably older, maybe 1985/1987
-the main character was some sort of funny-looking monster with little trunk (slightly similar to Gribbly)
-i remember that he moved ONLY to the right via jumping and afair he couldn' be stopped, there were various obstacles along the way like stones or maybe spikes, this I don't remember clearly, all you could do was to press the key in correct moment to make him jump higher or sth
-i remember only two screens: first one was an ascent to the top of the mountain and next one was the descent, there were no platforms of any kind, only ground and obstacles
-so first screen looked a bit like this:

MuzzyF8 17-05-2014 06:17 PM

My first think:
BC's Quest for Tires

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