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arete 06-11-2015 05:19 PM

Wish Abovo would assign an updater of their own :dislike:

marko river 11-11-2015 11:15 PM

I just added 221 Baker Street and A-Train manuals, test purposes :) I added them unpacked since it is not a big difference in sizes.
Will add more and make a newspost. Sorry I'm so rarely active, it seems I'll keep being swamped for quite some time.

Neville, please please please keep uploading them. I know it's slow around here, but once you upload them there are surely to be preserved and will be online to stay. Thank you for your contributions, it's pretty amazing so far.

Neville 03-04-2016 11:57 PM

Games missing graphic modes
I've been taking a look at my collection, and noticed some of my games are missing graphic modes such as Hercules or CGA. It seems to be the norm in the web that many games have been truncated, probably to keep sizes small in the early days of the web.

Anyway, after some searching I got these with all graphic modes available:

- Golden Axe

- Out Run

- Test Drive

And I'm still looking for these:

- Sim City (1989 release) -> Missing Hercules and Tandy graphics.

- The Duel: Test Drive II -> My version only has EGA graphics.

I thought the full versions could be valuable additions to the website, so if anyone is interested just answer to this post and I'll upload them.

Neville 04-04-2016 07:36 PM

OK, after some searching and testing I think I got them all. Whereas the versions in many sites are missing functions, I think these are complete.

I'm attaching them for those interested:

The games are:

- Golden Axe (includes the VOGONS fix for Hercules)

- OutRun (a.k.a. Out Run)

- SimCity (1989 release, several versions included)

- Test Drive (revised)

- The Duel - Test Drive II (Includes all expansion disks)

marko river 05-04-2016 08:12 AM

Merged to your old topic (one topic per user in Offers)...

Thank you, this is interesting material :) And you are right, we should get out hands on proper versions of all games. The most of visitors will probably be interested only in the best grapics modes, but for the sake of preservation, we need these ones as well.

Keep that link online for a while please :)

Neville 06-04-2016 02:19 PM

Today I bring you the Reference Guide for "Sabre Team". I've taken it from Hall Of Light The database of Amiga games, which in turn seems to have taken it from a docs disk. I've tidied it a bit with Word and exported it as PDF. Until a real scanned manual appears it will have to do.

Neville 23-04-2016 05:35 PM

Today I re-uploaded my second-to-last offering, the one with several "full" versions of some games, after noticing a nasty crash in "Test Drive" when selecting the Countax.

The games are:

- Golden Axe (includes the VOGONS fix for Hercules)

- OutRun (a.k.a. Out Run)

- SimCity (1989 release, several versions included)

- Test Drive (revised)

- The Duel - Test Drive II (Includes all expansion disks)

Also added a version of SimCity (1989) with its expansion graphics.

Neville 10-08-2016 03:26 PM

Added manual for "Powerdrift" and updated "Pirates!" docs.

EDIT: They are in the FTP, for those who might want them.

Neville 06-11-2016 11:15 PM

Tonight I'm uploading a few games I've been searching for this week... the common denominator is, they all have PCjr / Tandy support, with extra colors and improved speaker sounds if run under DOSBox with the adequate settings.

They are:

- Alley Cat (supports PCjr out of the box, applied VOGONS patch for Tandy support)

- Falcon (yes, the almost impossible to find release with both CGA and Tandy graphics)

- Montezuma's Revenge (PC Booter) (16 color mode if run in PCjr mode)

- Shanghai (16 color mode if run in Tandy mode)

- Super Boulder Dash (re-release of both "Boulder Dash" games with separate EXEs for PC, PCjr and Tandy)

Manuals included, just for this once ;-)

Of all these games, the "Falcon" dual version must be the one which could benefit more from the exposure, it's very rare.


marko river 07-11-2016 03:52 PM

Wow, thanks :OK: Interesting picks :)

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