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proof 27-07-2006 10:48 AM

Crazy Drake [SOLD]
Help. Where can download the DOS game "Crazy Drake" ?

**Sodding huge hotlinked images removed ~arete**

The Fifth Horseman 27-07-2006 11:24 AM

<n00b-speak translator initialized>

Game not for DOS. Game for Windows. Made in 2001 and still sold. U can buy here:

No download 4 u, u must buy teh game.

DonCorleone 27-07-2006 04:45 PM

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(the_fifth_horseman @ Jul 27 2006, 11:24 AM) [snapback]245422[/snapback]</div>

<n00b-speak translator initialized>

Game not for DOS. Game for Windows. Made in 2001 and still sold. U can buy here:

No download 4 u, u must buy teh game.


guesst 27-07-2006 05:50 PM

:w00t: 5thHM, that is probably the funniest thing I've seen you say. Normally you're either matter of fact or bringing the hellfire. :titan:

I know you can't possible the that creative and funny with every noob, they're just too many. But this was so good that, just for you, I've broken my smiley rule

faralar 29-07-2006 01:03 PM

I think you guys should stop being so friggin' condesending to the noobs around here!

Everyone who visits abandonia loves it for its large collection of games and the freindliness of the site.

But most people who are actually in touch with the people who run the site think you are a bunch of jerks. Not everyone who is interested in finding old games knows the lingo, some jusyt want to find the games that they played when they were yong.

Besides, a lot of you guys wern't even around when these games came, maybe you should start showing a bit more respect.

Tom Henrik 29-07-2006 03:08 PM

I completely agree, Faralar.

I will talk to the moderators and crew about it, but unfortunately I can't do the same with regular members. Except hoping that they grow up, and start treating people with respect.

We were all newbies at one point.

Quintopotere 29-07-2006 03:16 PM

I agree totally with Tom...

but, hey, the Horseman post is actually funny! :bleh: ... :tomato:

@ proof: don't take him wrong... all in all is a good guy...

DonCorleone 29-07-2006 03:18 PM

What shall I say rather than that you're right? :tomato:

I don't think that it was meant that offending...after thinking about it I must admit that Proof might see this in a diffrent point of view. Therefor apollogies from me to you, Proof, and to the rest of the community of course...

EDIT: As Quintopotere stated: yes, I couldn't help of keeping myself laughing bout this funny post.

Maikel 29-07-2006 06:53 PM

newbie-bashing is a form of arrogance which I don't like. It scares away potentially great new members. Aside from that, it does not serve any purpose, aside from the satisfaction which the 'noob-basher' might experience.

VIP's, Mod's en admins need to set an example. Our action are under a microscope here.

guesst 29-07-2006 07:34 PM

Seriously, of all the newbe bashing, this was the most respectful. Consider the alterntives.

"Read the FAQ!"

"Why are you asking for a WINDOWS game on a DOS site? How'd you get screenshots and not know that?"

"Dude, no warez."

Considering these responces have found a home here for ages, and considering that 5thHM is the first on the scene when this sort of thing comes up, I think this was an incredibly well crafted responce.

If you want to complain about newb bashing, wait for a thread that deserves it.

If you're concerned that we're scaring away a petential long term abandonian, consider that if they'd lurked for just a little while before posting they'd have seen one of the above responces already. This is an account that would have only stuck around if we gave them what they wanted on a silver plater. Consider that we can't give them what they want, or for that mater don't have any silver platers, I don't think the tone of the responce is going to make that big a difference.

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