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Capo 24-10-2012 12:28 AM

Since you play a lot of oldies why dont make some recordings for Abandonia ? :)

twillight 24-10-2012 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by Capo (Post 446844)
Since you play a lot of oldies why dont make some recordings for Abandonia ? :)

You mean those video-playthroughs?

Mainly because I never knew how.

Also I'm a slow palyer who praises S&L.

Lastly comments like "I shoot down those civilians because they'd get in my line of fire otherwise" (for Postal on Mazochist Difficulty you really start to think that way) would sound trange...

Not to mention if I'd upload anything but some basic comment on eg. the Revenge on Trilogy (School, Police and Army) I'd most certainly violate Abandonia's "under 18" policy.

Although the Renge on... games are really something to catch on. Too bad it wa never translated to english from hungarian, but I could make a surgery there the data-files are written in .txt format, lol
They look like the "Spellcasting" series with CGA graphic and basic "choose action" interface...
But as they are about mindless violence, violent sex and some bad jokes - no matter who clever (but basic) the adventure-puzzles in 'em, they are STRICTLY for MATURE audience (although let's be honest: these games work best for 16 year olds).

...on School is fast and excelent (for its goal). If you can suffer dying a few times you'll reach the end.
...on Police concentrates more on violence and less on intercourse. The inventory-system can cause unvolunteered restarts, and the final puzzle is really hard.
...on Army has almost no sex, and violence isn't that personal anymore (aka. you can't kill everyone). The story is on a much larger scale, and the puzzles start to reach frustration-level. But it actually started to grow from "going Postal" thing to real adventure platform (although of course not at all a politically correct one).
Sadly the series got terminated during the very beggining of developement of a fourth episode. Still it is a wildly known and preserved trilogy amongst hungarian gamers, what don't get old by the progress of computer-industry.

PS: Capo, if you tell me how, I will consider your idea.

twillight 28-10-2012 01:04 PM

Commando 2
Inspired maybe by TA's words in the chatbox, although he sure not referred on the flashgame:smile2:
It is a "go from left to right and shoot down things to reach the end of the level" game with some platform-jumping parts.
I found it cool in graphic, the weapon-arsenal and everything, although I disagree with the names of difficulty.
I'd call "easy" to "normal" (especialyy the second half) with a rather hard boss at the end.
"Normal" is "hard", and I confess I can't pass mission 2 of this difficulty. But it is definitly a fun game with clever design.

Sonny 2
Managed to unlock all achievemnts!
For "All Star" I had to win another battle after defeating the Major the third time. I was soo worried it is not included in the offline version, ad soo relieved when it popped up!
For the Legend acheivement I used the Cold Hydraulic build, and for Zone 6-7 the Psychological build.
For this time on the old favourite of mine strenght-poison biological felt sooo lacking in caomparsion...
For Zone 6-7 I grabbed the Psycho as it has the infamous "Shock Coma" combo, what is an instantkill strategy where you overheal the enemy. The combo is basically: high voltage, high voltage, shock coma, shock coma, high voltage, retrorgade. As passive you also need Overdrive. this causes 120% healing what with the last move you revers to damage. To ease your way you may start the combo Traumatizing the opponent to gain a free turn. It is important you get healed (bring Veradux + Roald), and not get hurt by the opponent (so wear vitality-equipment, the 75 vitality armor is a nice start). Also might want to invest a little into speed as High Voltage is not autohit :(
Anyway this makes things joke-easy with the exception of the Twin Guardians, where you again have to respec. But you'll have plenty of coin at this point, so oh well. Reaching lvl 30 is also very easy, as the game is generous with exp when you do train fights in Zone 6.
Against the Twin Guardian you must cause as many stuns as you can (well, at least on the bottom guardian), and that's all (just anote: take a look on Confinment to get more of the idea).

I'm very glad I completed this game. Hope the 3rd installment of the series will come out sooner then later.

twillight 08-11-2012 07:24 PM

Reinstalled Icewind Dale.

Don't have the expansion, neither the second of the series, but I checked the stories, and seems there is a reason why the whole is called a "trilogy".

My team will be:
fighter dwarf 18/80, 17, 19, 10, 10, 10 (for extra saving throws and good tank)
halfling fighter/thief 17, 19, 18, 8, 8, 8 (for extra saving throws, another fighter, and a trap-remover)
gnome illusionist 18, 18, 18, 19, 5, 8 (for extra saving throws and the extra spell slot)
fighter/cleric human 18/81, 18, 18, 3, 18, 8 (for additional melee power and healing, though it hurts that on lvl1 you can't rise porficiencies above 2)
half elf bard 15, 18, 11, 18, 10, 18 (I had a 6th character slot, so I though let's give a punch to dead weight and let it sing songs all along the adventure, while ocasionally tossing spells. I think I rolled good enough stats even to add some melee power if necessary)
half elf druid 17, 18, 16, 4, 18, 15 (originaly I wanned a fighter/druid dualclass, but even this requires insane stats. No wonder there are "very few true neutral characters". I got very fortunate only lacking 1 point from the perfect stat distribution, but this is a wonder still)

PROLOGUE: Eastheaven

Now I know why I didn't play this game since I first installed it. The pictures are boting, the movies are lame, you gain slow exp, you start lvl 1 (it is basically only luck if your character survives lvl 1, not skill by any means), there is very limited source of items what are even randomly generated and the money is scarce, and there is no full-detail-walkthrough.

According to my knowledge to get the best from the start you need:
- a bard (gives extra money - not just by pickpocketing - and exp, and every little helps while you're still lvl 1 and have no equipment)
- a dwarf (gives extra money)
- a thief (pick lock for extra money and later to save health by disarming traps)
- a cleric (else you'll run out of money)
For the later part:
- you may not have more then 1 mage
- paladin should be avoided if not for strickt powergaming
- cleric and druid can mean some extra exp (cleric even infinite exp bug)

twillight 10-11-2012 02:33 PM

Wizardry IV

An ancient game, inspired to play by yoga's current go with the 7th part of the series.

This sequel sound pretty badass being with the evil side and summoning things time to time to your side instead creating a fixed party.

The lack of sparkling graphic does not disturb, although a slower fighting sceen would be welcomed, but still nothing to scare me away.

The bad part is: there is absoltuely no manual. Thus you don't know what worth to summon (in the starting chamber you can't even leave until you summon priests and make them cast a certain spell at random during a rendom encounter, what later will be even hardened that they must do the same at a certain point of the maze as I've read...), there is no info what the different potions do, and I could not equip any equipment I'v found.
Also expecting I'll remember all the spells during fights I find ridiculous (although here alt+tab helps, as OTHER parts of the series has manuals to be found and that has the list of spells and their effects).

So if someone could provide me info on the how&what part I'd be thankful... Until that I made a short recording anyway if Capo is still expecting that.

Fearie Solitare

A solitare game with nice graphic, and a ... storyline ... what makes the thousands playing feel still different.
I has a ton of achievement inculduing "rising" pets on the usualy achievement table, and in the quickplay mode it even notes if you finish a full level (9 hands in a row) with all perfect statuses.

The game is a little longer then to be able to follow the story, but you can replay that ina separate menu, so it is nicely done.

The upgrade items have different usefullness, so it really worth to gather for certain more expensive things then to unlock from cheapest to most expensive.

Capo 10-11-2012 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by twillight (Post 447256)
So if someone could provide me info on the how&what part I'd be thankful... Until that I made a short recording anyway if Capo is still expecting that.

That would be great ;)

TotalAnarchy 10-11-2012 06:55 PM

Regarding the manual for Wizardry IV, the Ultimate Wizardry Archives which can be found on may contain some useful information.

twillight 10-11-2012 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy (Post 447262)
Regarding the manual for Wizardry IV, the Ultimate Wizardry Archives which can be found on may contain some useful information.

That's the only doc I already found. Tells nothing about anything.
It has the list of spells attached for the firt game's details, and I figured out on my own that equipping might work like "delete item": only that is equippable what will appear on submenu when I hit "e" (= equipp button). Seems nothing I found was equippable.

Still: no info on the summons, what would be crucial. No info on the potions what questions their use. Etc.

EDIT: found full walkthrough here.

EDIT2: got full list of summonables.

Smiling Spectre 12-11-2012 08:33 PM

Just checked Ultimate Wizardry Archives...

1. Well, main doc is first 60 pages or so. First 4 games, according this manual, using exactly the same system, so only flavor and installing info remained.

2. Spells are here, at the end of first part manual. :)

3. Potions are exactly the same as "instant spells". If you have it identified, it will be exactly the same (and you need manual to know what it does with all this SOTA and DEGA abbreviations).

4. You need to identify most of loot to use it (it's in the first manual too :).

No, I didn't play game by myself, but it's look quite logical for me...

twillight 05-12-2012 07:07 PM

Cobra Mission

Replayed this nice somewhat adult game again. Well, it is mostly fighting city-infesting gangs, with occasional chance of nudity-screens.

It is very much like the japaneese hentai-games, except it is made in the USA, and the eroticism isn't necessarily part of the game, but a very-very clever addition instead. Especially considering the age of the game.

The only problem each time I replay it I find it more and more easy. I wish there'd be a difficulty setting.

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