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JOM Aqualung 21-08-2019 06:46 AM

Dark Horizons Lore Invasion
Dark Horizons Lore Invasion is an old Mech FPS game with great mechanics and variety and a small tight-knit player community. Feel free to discuss or ask questions here!

Game download:

Player Site:

JOM Aqualung 15-10-2019 05:36 AM

Dark Horizons is looking for new players! It's got a small community of great people - we'd love if you stop by and try the game out. Don't worry about getting started, we'll show you the ropes :)

Ribby 28-08-2021 08:11 PM

Dark Horizons Lore Invasion (original version) Updated
Hello everybody once again, it's been a while since the change since 2019? Wow! That's three years forward! Where did the time go? Where, did, the time go?

Anyways, the update is on, from the vicious cycle of ons and offs. The company dropped many support of the game, but there's a (mod) development team to take on the reins.

Here is the current forum website.

Here is the (current) youtube website.

Here is the youtube video demonstration.


Yes, there is now a broadcast lobby and custom dedicated servers. You can ask for a schedule of gaming matches. But yeah, go ahead and try it. Applies to updated original version.

The current time is 10:42 AM (GMT)

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