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dumpling321 23-07-2005 12:27 AM

i used to have a game i think was called duckz it was a lemmings like game where you had a leader duck and you had to use abilities to get to a spaceship and then lead the ducks to it does anyone know where i can download it

Shifter 23-07-2005 01:37 AM

Hrm..can't find anythingl ike it...I tried

moogle 23-07-2005 03:19 AM

:blink: No clue whatthe heck that is, why not just download Lemmings, miht be better actually :D

dumpling321 23-07-2005 03:23 AM

you can see the game on home of the underdogs under puzzle but they don't have the download it was a 3 episode game and the 1st epesode wqas shareware the game was as good as lemmings or better

vipin 23-07-2005 07:13 AM

You may try these links:-

Direct Download:-

Have Fun! :ok:

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