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Titan 08-12-2004 11:59 PM

Yeah.. also into electronic..

But i can't realy stand the concept of a "song"... a Song is never better then the songs it can be mixed with into a continious stream of music...

Right now, i'm doing alot of Club-trance and Pretty serious Techno.. along with some Acid..

List (dj's and artists):
Carl Cox
Paul Oakenfold
Sven Všth
Infected Mushroom
Chris Liebing
Midi Miliz

Well.. if you would like to hear what kind of music this is, i uploaded a session with Westbam (sorry Kosta) right HERE. Recorded at this years Loveparade in Berlin, and ripped from a radio-broadcast.

It's 86 MB, :tease: and easy-listening dance-music and pretty down-temo.. if you have the time, Listen to it, even thou it might not be just your type..

*All those who think it's not enough, get up, and briefly come with us* :apple:

Sebatianos 09-12-2004 12:14 PM

Now this seems so familiar.

rainwife 10-12-2004 02:40 AM

I wonder why Sebatianos :kiss:
Well, I listen to almost all sorts of music, mostly depending on the mood I am in - I don't like house music too much though...
I like wormpaul's list at the beginning - always room to add, especially older music, like from the 60s on or ballads... :whistle:

wormpaul 10-12-2004 07:15 AM


Originally posted by rainwife@Dec 10 2004, 03:40 AM
I like wormpaul's list at the beginning - always room to add, especially older music, like from the 60s on or ballads... :whistle:
Thx Rainwife

Welcome on the site :cheers:

Iron_Scarecrow 10-12-2004 10:07 AM

By the way Worm are there any songs by The Killers you could recommend to me?

wormpaul 10-12-2004 10:23 AM


Ill shall look for the titles...

Contact me at MSN in a few days...ill will tell you :ok:

Busy these form monday ill be online :ok:

Iron_Scarecrow 10-12-2004 11:06 AM

I just realised I don't have your email.

wormpaul 10-12-2004 11:48 AM

And for all others who wanna share music(information) with me..

The e-mail is the same for MSN....see profile :ok:

holyman9 10-12-2004 06:14 PM

wow, the only person here who listens to something even close to me is Iron. I'm also a Rise Against, AFI and Thrice fan. But on top of that you can add the following:
Blood Brothers (picture + avatar)
Mars Volta
VNV Nation
Nine Inch Nails
From first To Last

Im a huge music fan, so my list goes on and on...

Danny252 10-12-2004 07:04 PM

I like... what I like. I just like some music but not other things...

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