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DarthHelmet86 21-01-2011 05:11 PM

Online Console ID's
This thread is for people to post their online console ID's so that other members can add each other and we can all play online together.

By adding your ID here you are allowing others to take it and add you, if you don't want people adding you don't put your name here. However as a note of courtesy please tell the person you are adding that you got the ID from this thread and who you are on Abandonia.

I will keep the second post updated with peoples ID's and their Abandonia name as well as seperate their ID's for the different consoles. I am not sure how the Wii one works, but I think it's a lot different from the PS3 and Xbox 360 so let us leave that one until someone can explain it to me.

If you want your ID removed just ask and I will delete it for you, and the orginal post. Any form of harassment caused by someone taking an ID from here will result in punishment on Abandonia....I am not kidding about this, you take an ID from here you better not be doing so to hurt someone else.

DarthHelmet86 21-01-2011 05:13 PM

This is the list of ID's, the first name is the Abandonia users name, the second is the ID for the console.

PS3 ID's

Xbox360 ID's

The current time is 06:44 AM (GMT)

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