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Kosta 19-02-2008 03:18 PM

Abandonia Competition #5
Hi everyone!

Great news, we have decided to run a much needed competition since we haven't had one in over a year! There are two limited edition Nintendo DS Lites bundled with Zelda up for grabs! Here is the picture:

So, what do you have to do to get one? Simple!

Past competitions have been with images and questions so I decided to make this one a little different - namely, it has to do with music. I have picked 40 songs from old games and tried to make them as mixed as possible when it comes to genres. All you need to do is have a listen and try to remember which games they are from.

I have tried sorting them in increasing difficulty but I soon realized that won't work since it pretty much depends on personal preferences. However, you will be more likely to recognize first few songs than last few... I think :) This competition is quite tricky so I will also give you a few hints. The games from which the music has been taken range from 1990 to 1999 and song No. 33 was not originally released for PC/DOS. Also, some songs are remixes of their respective counterparts. However, all remixed songs have been chosen so that the melody from the original can be recognized easily.

The competition will run for two weeks, until 4th of March, so hopefully that should give you enough time to track down that tune that sounds oh so familiar but you can't quite place it :) All the answers should be submitted to me by sending me a personal message (or alternatively you can click here to do so). Please only send in the answers once you have the final version. It will be difficult for me to constantly amend everyone's answers. Of course, if you remember where a song is from after submitting the answers, you can message me again, just don't make a habit out of doing that ;)

Naturally, please don't discuss answers in the forums, I need to stress this because there have been issues with that in the past. OK, enough chatter, here are the music files:

Song 01

Song 02

Song 03

Song 04

Song 05

Song 06

Song 07

Song 08

Song 09

Song 10

Song 11

Song 12

Song 13 (removed because of leftover tag that gave away name, will not count in competition)

Song 14

Song 15

Song 16

Song 17

Song 18

Song 19

Song 20

Song 21

Song 22

Song 23

Song 24

Song 25

Song 26 (removed because of leftover tag that gave away name, will not count in competition)

Song 27

Song 28

Song 29

Song 30

Song 31

Song 32

Song 33

Song 34

Song 35

Song 36

Song 37

Song 38

Song 39

Song 40

Song 41

Song 42

Good luck everyone!!

Kosta 20-02-2008 01:03 AM

A small update... seems like I overlooked a few little things... Red Avatar pointed out that two songs seemed the same, an accusation I quickly dismissed, but on a more careful listen it seems he was right after all =) Namely songs 12 and 22 are essentially the same, just with different arrangements. So those two will count as one answer =) Sorry about that! I used to be an absolute addict of that game and it shows =)

Kosta 20-02-2008 01:55 AM

Another slip-up as indicated by users! :P Apparently there is something called APEv2 tag that windows media player and older versions of winamp don't support. However, the newest version of winamp does and two of the songs were tagged using this thing, whoever came up with it... Namely songs 13 and 26. I will be replacing those two songs with two new ones that will be numbered 41 and 42 so that there is no confusion. I have also removed the links from 13 and 26... sorry again!

The Fifth Horseman 20-02-2008 11:45 AM

With exception of 12 and 22, all songs are from different games, correct?

EDIT: Kosta, those are not just different arrengements. I can explain it over PM if you want.

Japo 20-02-2008 03:48 PM

If I want a DS I'd better buy it, but man thank you for the compilation. :cool: I did recognize quite some of them though.

Shingouki 20-02-2008 08:51 PM

I remember only 10 of this songs! :cry:
i think i'll blow my mind to find the answers XD

Nurple 20-02-2008 09:36 PM

Fun contest. Pretty hard though, but I got about 14 down so far. How important is it to get the number right for games that had several sequels and you're not sure which one the song is from? For example, if you know the song is from Game X, but you don't know if it's Game X 2 or Game X 3.

EDIT: Oh look, my post count finally updated, after like 7 posts hehe.

humorguy 20-02-2008 11:24 PM

No one will win this competition by getting all the songs. Period. I am willing to bet - if that's allowed! And as long as there is no cheating! :)

Course it may be easier if the Abandonia player worked when you went to it! :(

WilliamC23 21-02-2008 09:17 AM

What was used in the rendering of the music, mostly FM synth with possibly some CD audio/sound files thrown in?

empath 21-02-2008 02:19 PM

Gawd, after listening to them last night, I could only call two for certain, and was kinda sure about maybe another two or three!! :confused:

Now before y'all spurn me like Jack Thompson, let me explain: in the 90's the computers I had access to were completely lacking in sound cards - the only one that did, was a office laptop of my father's that I'd use to try out demos and the like in the middle of the night when he was asleep, so I'd have to keep the sound down then, too! :rolleyes: As a consequence, game music is something I pretty much missed out on in that time period. It wasn't until 2002 that I got a big tax refund and was able to go build a decent PC of my own with all the requirements for gaming.

Sigh, I wouldn't have minded getting ahold of one of those DS's but I fear - unless I luck out in online research - that I'll just have to champ at the bit and wait with bated breath to find out where these music samples are from and dispell the "gawd that sounds SOOOO familar!" :amused:

Great contest, Kosta; I'm loving it, even if it is torture :laugh:
and good luck to everyone!!

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