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DalioG666 06-01-2013 11:46 AM

Pac-Man style maze game with tank thingys?
Hi fellow retro game fans!

I've been pandering after a game for a while now that I used to play as a child, and I just cannot remember the name but I do remember the details and images quite vividly!

So, it is a game in the vain of Pac-Man, in that you go around (in what I can only recall as some kind of tank that you shoot foes with) collecting dots or whatever they might actually be called in the game!

In the game there are other 'tanks' trying to stop you from doing this. There are some tiles that if you land on will transport to you another part of the map, or even to another level (that is, to the basement, not another stage)!

I remember the POV was from the top, similar to Pac-Man, but as the map was larger, the screen would pan with you accordingly.

I can't remember what format it was, but when I was a child we had an Amiga, and a Commodore 64, but this might prove to be a red herring as we also had a PC.

I remember the loading screen. It was with two commentators who would spew alsorts of nonsense about the forthcoming game, they both held microphones. One was short and fat, and the other was taller and thinner!

I hope I have detailed this in the best way, as I am recalling it from when I was probably 10, so that's 16 years ago!

It would be amazing if anyone actually knew the name of this game, and of course where I could find it! It's the one game (after Dungeon Keeper!) that I want to rediscover, and enjoy as an adult!

So thank you!

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