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Tarkalak 25-11-2007 12:23 PM

Forgotten game...

I am searching for an old game but unfortunatly i can not remember the name of the game as it is approx. 10 years since i played it.

The game is a strategy game taking place on some scifi planet on the traditional recept: Build base - Build units - Become sole surviver. I believe it came on a cd-rom but i am not sure.

The game has two special features:
As i remember it the whole game continued on the same base - no starting over on new maps
The map was 3d in some way so that you could see the planet from all sides.

exept that i do not remember much - Hope you can help me!

_r.u.s.s. 25-11-2007 12:43 PM


useless line due to retarded rule about post minimal letter count limitation

Paco 25-11-2007 03:00 PM

Outpost? it somehow reminds of it.

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