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Japo 09-02-2012 07:41 PM


This can be considered a freeware fan retro clone, but considering that it was made for MS-DOS in 1995, I would think it's Abandonia material in its own right, no matter that it was made by an individual for fun instead of a corporation. It's a "clone" but so are all the Pacmans, Space Invaders, etc. released commercially a decade earlier.

So I myself have little doubt that this should be approved and preserved. I would however like to hear what other request mods and updaters think.

HOWEVER it may be that it's OK by our rules, but not by the owner's, and not because he doesn't make it available for free. These are the license restrictions:


For free distribution the archives of these games MUST NOT be modified in ANY way.

You are free to host these files on your website PROVIDED you include a link back to this page.

These games MUST NOT be included in ANY kind of self-extracting installer or archiver.


These games can only be distributed for NON-PROFIT purposes. This specifically excludes any and ALL embedded advertising, banners, linking or any other activity which results in commercial gain.

This means NO SALES and NO AUCTIONS of this software.
Ouch, touché. This guy would be even more disgusted by Abovo's ads than I am. And with Studentis/Abovo, Abandonia is no longer "non-profit".

If we conclude this is approved by our rules, we can write the guy asking him for permission to host it at Abandonia as a special case, which he might concede or not.

Japo 11-02-2012 07:51 PM

REJECTED as a non commercial fan retro remake/clone. It will go on Reloaded.

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