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RRS 02-08-2011 11:19 PM

Solidarność is a 1991 game by California Dreams.

It's one of those unique political simulators, like Shadow President or Republic:Revolution. Your goal is to overthrow the commie regime in 1980s Poland by swaying the citizens to your side - you do this by using your activists for various propaganda actions.

Was featured in the Home of the Underdogs. I've submitted it to MobyGames.

Decent interface/graphics for a game developed in 1990. But I'm too old to learn a serious game through trial&error alone. I know that I need a miracle, but a manual would be needed.

Timpsi 25-09-2011 04:35 PM

Unfortunately there is no manual available. As far as I've gathered, it was never really published either (the HotU copy is a leaked final version, which is evident from the .txt file in the Zip that includes an e-mail to the publisher).

What's worse, it has a nasty bug that makes the game completely unresponsive (and thus unplayable) after a handful of turns, no matter what you do or don't.

It's a real let-down, as it is a very promising game with a unique setting. :(

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