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Wicky 24-05-2011 10:27 AM

a little poem by Wicky
Who is the boss
a little poem without rhyme

Once upon a time the world was bored
and the countries argued with lots of dispute
over which was the biggest and most important.

I am the boss, so spoke the USA,
I sit on top of technological evolution
am always researching, leading and smoothing out
so I must be boss, who can deny it?

The europeans said, half jokingly
Don't brag so much, you overseas colony
Because of us, the civilization has spread over the globe
only lots of culture makes a country become big
there is no doubt, we must be boss!

The Chinese bristled with anger and cried,
who can manufacture cheap goods working day and night,
where would you be without our CPUs and TVs?
We should be declared the boss!

The russians, australians and canada
the egypts, japanese and africa
each one demonstrated in a conclusive way
I am the boss - so much for sure!

Even Middle East stood up for himself
and shouted boldly "I am the boss"
Humanity can never miss us,
because oil is not the only thing we're good for !

But before the debate was closed,
Mexico asked "Can I be the boss?"
Haha, look how the competition laughed
and how each one made evil jokes

Mexico was then very querulous
and with it's mind set, started exporting drugs
it thought consequently:
"Time is working for me. If I refuse to give a damn about it
then I shall gonna call to power

The taxes went up, when Europe had to hire more police forces,
because every country started chasing tiny criminals.
The oil price went up, when USA had to tighten their borders,
because every country started patrolling for drug smugglers.

The economy wavered anxiously,
Iceland, Greece and Portugal gave up and declared bankrupcy,
Even the mighty USA balanced on the edge of corruption,
and nobody was left to solve the real crimes.

But Mexico wouldn't soften up.
it spilled a bit of Tequila now and then
In the end, everybody accepted it:
The Boss can only be Mexico !!

It cannot be achieved with effort and hard work
Only one thing helps becoming the boss:
To take advantage of the prohibition law in a captial caliber,
with trillions of dollars, like Mexico,
which produces nothing - but drugs.

by Wicky, May 2011

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