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Wicky 28-07-2010 06:58 AM

This GoG is become more an more an enemy. Their games have been abandoned and available to be downloaded free, for years! Then GoG comes and picks them up in order to make profit, but with prices of 10€ for a 15 year-old game they do not make any noticable profit due to minimialistic demand.

They do not produce anything and therefore I believe, they'd rather sell zero copies in order to prevent everyone from hosting these games, than allowing anyone from enjoying these classics.

I hereby declare the arch-enemy of abandonia!

arete 28-07-2010 07:39 AM

Ummm, no. They're making the games profitable for the original developers, which is going to keep older games supported for a lot longer.

Pity qbix gave DOSbox away for free, or he'd get a lovely slew of royalties from all these adaptations of it.

And what with ESA and various lawyers sniffing around - we don't need this crap in our forums either. You should know better, Wicky.

The Fifth Horseman 29-07-2010 06:24 PM

GOG allows the copyright owners to do what any sane person should have done in the first place - ensure that even though their games are no longer sold as physical copies, anyone can purchase a copy online - and one that will work on modern systems at that.
They are providing a legal, easily accessible and completely valid alternative to piracy.
The prices vary from game to game - some may be just right, others may be steep. Give it some time.

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