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Sebatianos 26-11-2007 06:09 AM

And your real name is?
In this thread you can introduce yourself (and if you want to, also post a picture), so we can all get to know each other a bit better (the list will be edited). There was an old thread about it, but just to keep it up to date after the site redesign:

_r.u.s.s. = Roman (Slovakia)
2more = Daniel (Germany)

aarne = aarne (Estonia)
accent = Tuukka (Finland)
Acethor = James ("I'm an American currently living in the Philippines".)
Akira = Nalani (U.S.A)
AluminiuN = Gerard (New Zealand)
angry axe = Matt (New Zealand)

Bard = Matija (Croatia)
Batmanifestdestiny = Ben (Oklahoma, U.S.A.)
Ben = Ben (U.K.)
Blood-Pigggy = Pierre (U.S.A) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (quoting the Piggg)
Bobbinator1992 = Ed, not Bob. (U.S.A)
BostonGeorge = Thomas (Germany)
BranjoHello = Branjo / Branislav (Serbia / Slovakia)
Burger Meister = Brad (Canada)

cpt reynault = Jess (U.S.A)
cazgotsaved = Chris (U.S.A)
CrybKeeper = Mike (U.S.A)

Dac X Lee = Daria (Croatia)
David86 = David - Dave (Italy)
DeathDude = Ernest - Ernie (Canada)
Dominic Buchholz = Dominic Buchholz (Germany)
DOS dinosaur = Mac (U.S.A)
DhulKarnain = Ivan (Croatia)
Dynhattor = Juho (Finland)

Eagle of Fire = None of your business (Canada)
enidra = Anne (Denmark)

Frodo = None of your business (U.K)
Fubb = Zach (Canada)

Gnome94 = Andrea (U.K)
Guderheinz = Jan (Poland)
Guildenstern = Glede (Germany)

hahajejeje = Ignacio (Argentina)
Halindir = Christian (Denmark)
Hatsen = Patrick (Denmark)

ianfreddie07 = Ian (Phillippines)
Icewolf = Wolf (Germany)
ioncannon = Filip (Canada)

J@nek = Grzesiek (Poland
Japo = Xavier (Spain)
jBrereton = Joe (U.K)
JJXB = John (U.K)
JMB = Jonathon

karooble = Wendy (U.S.A)
Kvntvmt = Vonja (Denmark)

Lady Klawz = Kate
Luchsen = Nils (Germany)
Lulu_Jane = Lulu (Thailand)

Mighty Midget = Knut (Norway)
MinigunFiend = Murray (U.K)
Mr Miau = Christian (Germany)
Mr5o1 = Levi (Australia)

OBMiT = Tim (U.S.A)
o_unico = Rômulo (Brazil)

Patrunjelu = Mărginean Bogdan Alexandru (Argentina)
Pellaeon = Ádám (Hungary)
Playbahnosh = Ákos (Hungary)
powdernsky = Daroll (Japan)
psycrow = Morten (Denmark)

Quintopotere = Alessandro (Italy)

Raptor-y = Andrea (Italy)
Retrogamer = Ben, or Vince (Hungary)
Romano = Romano (Croatia)
Runespawn = David (Ireland)

Saccade = Pete (U.K.)
Sal = Eve (Australia)
Sean = Sean (U.K.)
seanex = Sean (U.K.)
Seanbot = Sean (Australia)
Sebatianos = Borut (Slovenia)
semi_deus = Daniel (Portugal)
Sillybuttons (tm) = Ian (U.K)
Simoneer = Simon (Sweden)
sgtboat = Jeff (Texas, U.S.A.)
Skite2001 = Chris (Germany)
Skillz = Shelly (Canada)
Surgeon = Surgeon (Serbia and Montenegro)

The Fifth Horseman = Michael - Mike (Poland)
Tomekk = Thomas - Tom ("AND I'M FROM TRANSYLVANIA, NOT ROMANIA, pls.")
Tulac = Neven (Croatia)

Urban Fox = John (Scotland)

verek_22 = Jamie (U.K)

yoga = vladimir (Bulgaria)

zafo999 = Ryan (U.S.A)
ZD Indyroo = Indulis (Australia)

Luchsen 26-11-2007 11:16 AM

Nils (from: see top right of my posts).

The Fifth Horseman 26-11-2007 12:00 PM

Michael (prefer: Mike).

Mighty Midget 26-11-2007 12:02 PM

Well, I did post in the old one, but what the heck:

My name's Knut.

Romano 26-11-2007 01:20 PM

Romano. Zagreb, Croatia.
I know you are surprised now :D

_r.u.s.s. 26-11-2007 02:19 PM

the same as the one above me, just without the last O :D, slovakia

DeathDude 26-11-2007 02:35 PM

Ernest but personally prefer Ernie.

Japo 26-11-2007 04:20 PM

First name Xavier, second name Andrew. (Not quite like that in Spanish, these are internationalized orthographies.) :D

Tulac 26-11-2007 08:03 PM

Neven is my name.

WTF happened with the old thread?

Dave 26-11-2007 09:43 PM

Closed, it was old :p
I'm David like always, you can call me Dave.

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