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Truss 25-12-2005 10:57 PM

On the intro screen to the game, Epyx is credited for making this on the PC.

I find that hard to believe as my original of Barbarian II on C64 is made by Palace Software. Epyx was know for making games such as Summer Games, Winter Games etc... I find it *not* likely that they made this...


Old School Rules!!!& 01-01-2006 11:28 PM

I had this game when it came out in '89. I used to play it everyday............back then I thought it was the best game ever!

Guest 30-05-2007 09:26 PM

the background story about the name change is wrong.

The orginal game was Called Death Sword in some regions only but in most it was called Barbarian , then a few months later Psygnosis released a game called Barbarian aswell...and the mess was started.

Barbarian 2 from palace did the same thing aswell, had 2 names one for some countries (Barbarian 2) and for the others it was named Barbarian II - Axe of rage... Both series (Psygnosis and Palace) had liscensed the name so that was not the problem itself.

As times went on ...sceners and crackers decided to name the files as follows:

Psygnosis games:

Barbarian (+ some undertitle...)
Barbarian 2 (+ some under title...)


Barbarian - Death Sword
Barbarian II - Axe of Rage.

Office_Monk 06-01-2008 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by marko_river (Post 157224)
Actually "AXE OF RAGE" is the name of PC version of Barbarian 2, just like "Death Sword" is the name of PC version of Barbarian. Only here they left "BARBARIAN 2" signing in the game.


To understand the titles we have to go back to the C64...

"Death Sword" and it's sequel "Axe Of Rage" are the U.S. titles (distributed by Epyx) for "Barbarian" and it's sequel "Barbarian II - Dungeons Of Drax" (games developed by UK based Palace Software).

Hackers/crackers were for a small part guilty in creating some confusion (they did however cause more confusion with International Karate by splitting the game in 1 and 2; this was one game: in International Karate you could choose between 1st or 2nd tournament), then Mastertronic/Psygnosis finished the job confusing all gamers with their inferior title "Barbarian".

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