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Kosta 11-03-2004 10:19 AM

UFO - Enemy Unknown
Feel free to comment and discuss this game here. Also, if you have any useful tips or tricks don't hesitate to share them with the others! Thanks!

Review and Download (if available)

Titan 04-05-2004 11:04 PM

hehe... got my 20 man army beaten by ONE etherial once...
equiped a Lightning with laser-canon to be able to take down crafts unhamed... took down a small-scout, but forgott to chk the race... wen't... and the etherial mindcontroled my ONLY man with blaster-launcher...

*exit, then load saved game*

Later, as in when you have caught an etherial ALIVE or a Sectoid Leader/Commander... you get to research PSI-powers.. this is a turningpoint in the game...

Petter1979 05-05-2004 03:19 PM

priximity grenades
I use alot of proximity grenades, when im on missions. hehe thats fun, also if they are not killed, i know where a alien are when they make a mistake and walk on it :)

Titan 05-05-2004 11:51 PM

*L* Large scouts where sooooooo easy to over-run with Proxy-nades at the right door.. just place it 1 square outside... the second the alien steps throu the door, it blows up, and kills any other aliens also standing behind :)

Titan 24-05-2004 10:59 PM

Hmmm... odd... since i just tried arming a crysalis with a blaster just to try if i was wrong ;)

I works.. just place the Crys. ontop of a blaster, go to a random soldier, click his properties, select next char. util you come to the Crys, pick the blaster up from the ground, and BANZAI! perfect suecide-squad... usualy have 1 with Heavy plasma och one with blaster in backpack (no reaction-fire here ;) infront of my storm-squad when taking on bases..

Regarding heavy plasma... i also recall sometime the walls gave after to a hit, but it's not common.. Blaster is the prefered way...

Anonymous 02-06-2004 03:53 AM

It's not a new game, it's a remake of X-Com1 by fans all around the world. Most of them a full-time software engineers or full-time engineering Uni students.

Work is still underway, but the graphics are breathtaking. Just looking at the geoscope (the earth) you can see extreme 3D mountiain ridges interacting with the lighting effects, the weather changes and clouds, the bright lights of major cities at night ............

wanna see the clouds?
or the lights?
or a movie clip of gameplay?

Tom Henrik 02-06-2004 05:27 AM

:shock: :shock: :shock:

I was secretly dreaming of a remake of UFO-enemy unknown!
And now I see it has come through!! (How I love fans who dedicate their sparetime to improve games for the rest of us).

You say that work is still being done. Does that mean that the game is in progress, and not yet playable? Or is it a playable beta-version?

gregor 13-07-2004 06:17 PM

you've been playing it since 95 and never used a grenade? no wonder you don't get far.
ok here are some tips:
1. when you prime the grenade you prime it for 0 turns. that way it will explode at the end of turn. killing alien close to it. later on it's better to do research and dicsover more powerfull alien greandes.

2. psi enemies are a real trouble. well at least untuill you do enough research to develope psi laboratory where you soldiers can train to defend against those attacks. but what thes elabs actually do is that they give you a number that shows which soldier is a liability and which one will repulse the attack. so if you see soldiers that are often targeted by enemy then they are probably weak in psi defence. you can fire them
alos enemy usualyl cant use teh psi unless he sees you. since they have an eyesight bigger then humans you have to search for them and eliminate them soon.

to do that you have to save your game often and on different slots. that way you can return to previous turn after you already found the alien that is doing the scounting for psi attackers. and don't worry abotu it after a while oyu will reseach alien technology to the level when you could do psi atacks. oh one thing that might have stopped you in your effort: BE SURE TO GET LIVE ALIENS (at least one from each spieces) TO YOUR BASE!!! they will porvide you with much need info for psi defence.

3. lasers are nto enough. you will have to do research to get alien vessels. you will have to get a live alien commander and navigator (commonly found in colonies control centers). they will give you info so you can buld better and stronger ship. with it you will be able to knock down battle ships in no time. they will also provide you with torpedo weapon that is the most powerful and a couple of shots will tear the battleship appart. untill you do all the research i suggest you just follow the battleship and then attack the aliens when they land. if the build a colony even better. you can killeveryone in colony (though at first you will just want to get in and get out fast) and get high score like that and increase funding.

gregor 14-07-2004 03:12 PM

yes launchers are very good in start. however in X-com you can't use them outside of water (only grenades and STUN grenade launchers). also rocket launchers are useless against mayn aliens (like Tasoth in X-com). for those oyu need to develope new launchers from alien technology, but that takes time.
my advice would be use launcher as much as you can in begining but be also sure to develope alien weapons like ion cannon (in x-com)/plasma cannon (in UFO) which are more powerfull then earth based technology and are also more accurate. come to think of it there is no point in using scientists on earth based wepoan tech.

one more word about grenades (or better use alien pulse grenades which have much bigger power). in early part of the game they are vital in colony attack missions because colonies have aliens that are best killed with combination of grenade throw and a shot from weapon (i use explosive ammo only on early weapons).

don't foget to do aliebn reasearch to get new armour which will also help a lot (even the most common armour one can save a soldiers life)

later on with all tech developed the soldiers become a real one man army. i still have a savegame where i played and played the X-com because i didnt' know i need to click on Leviathan and select T'leth to go on final mission. i also for some reason wasn't able to research the mind control weapon (must have been some bug) because i didn't research in proper order ( did have molecular control labs for soldiers to train in so i could kick evryone that was weak). so the seamen have really buffed up. they had crazy accuracies and thowing range/accuracy. they just went out of the ship and killed everyone without moving away from the ship. the vehicle idd reconaiscense and men did the shooting. some had amn accuracy of almoust 200% whatever that means. in any case they never missed. it was simmilar with grenade throwing. the aliens panicked because i kiled a few on beginning and i just threw a few greandes in the movement area. BOOM! AAAAAAARGH! and they are history.

anyway the point is research research. and let the vehicles explore the map because if alien sees them they can't be taken under control.

good luck with the game. i know it's hard to play if you don't know at least a few tricks (like what to prioritize in research, or capturing live aliens in begining to do research on them, or how to find and deal with colony/terror site - thes eprovide the most points/money/technology in the game, or to have a really large number of scientists in beginning - 100 and more- to do the much needed research). oh and feel free to ask for any additional advice. this goes especially for "month32".

Anonymous 16-07-2004 09:07 AM

Firstly, I have to apologize because of my poor English, but I must say some word about this game.

I haven't played it for a lot of years now, but I remember that this was one of my favourite games. Somebody asked about in which difficulty level we play? In the beginning I played in the easiest of course, but later I tried the hardest and with my lot of experiences it wasn't really hard. Maybe it was beacause of the fact that in the original game (without any patch) there aren't difficulty levels, because all are the same.

My most frequent eguipments were laser rifle and medi-kit. After I developed psi-laboratory, I always brought some tools for psionic attack (I don't remember its name). Is used granade or other alien techs relative rarely.

The best armour is also very important for every squad-member, it can save their life in many situations! Usually I sent 8 XCOM-soldiers to every battle (except terrorized cities, where I sent 10 or 12 men). At the place my ship landed, I made 4 groups with 2-2 members - if it was possible, one experienced officer and one rookie or less experienced soldier - and with these mini-groups I tried to go far away from all the other groups as soon as possible - because of the alien grenades. Then the very important thing is to hide your soldiers at the end of all turn, because even a tree can save them against enemy shots. When one of my soldiers being controlled by aliens, I tried to hide my other teammembers from him/her - not to shoot him/her! After some time usually the enemy lost the control above him/her, at this moment I thrown all his/her weapons, from that time this soldier wasn't dangerous. Then I tried to go with this teammember back to the ship, where the aliens can't get the control above him/her.

Researching is very important thing, you never can't buy enough scientist. After succesful battles you can sell a lot of things you don't need, so you have money to buy important things (scientists and tech advances).

I hope I could help for the guys who needed it.

Bye and have a good time playing UFO!

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