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AzK1ck3r 30-10-2020 12:15 AM

Forgotten Platform Multiplayer Wizard Game
Hey guys!
Just found this forum and I hope you can help me find this game I played with my friends in elementary school!

Time: around 2000 to 2003

Platform: Windows XP or 98

Single or multiplayer platform game. That kind of game you played with one player using the arrow keys and another using WASD.
3d graphics

Basically the players were wizards, one blue and one purple, who had to go through scrolling levels. A bit puzzly but pretty easy, you could shoot light balls at enemies and there were bosses every 2-3 levels. I think the background was some kind of stone wall. The floor might've been lava lol.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Scatty 06-11-2020 11:52 AM

If you didn't mention 3D graphics I'd say it sounds like Hocus Pocus, but that's probably not it.

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