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tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 09:59 AM

I am looking for long term assignment. hehe
Well my time has come to seek long term production. So far I estimate I have a total of 100MB worth of game on 1200 discs combined. I am aiming for a full production of 700MB for a full CD within the next 40 years! It took me 4 years to get at most 100MB worth of production in my estimate. I think my calculation is off however.

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 12:18 PM

Okay here is a brand new one fresh for today. The old is left there so to be a base. Then there is the screen editor that is added on. It is just the beginning. Right now all you can do is j-left l-right I-up k-down 0 through 9 colors and capital A through capital F are also colors. The Return key plots the selected color dot on the screen while s saves and o for load old bitmap. Eventually you can replace the original Ping Pong with your own. In addition to that many more future creations is planned.

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 12:20 PM


tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 06:39 PM

Anyways I got way off topic on some of the other threads. I'm sorry. Thank you for your kind leeways. My real dad always gives me 3 chances before spanking me if I break the law. My real mom gives me 1 chance before she puts me away and locks me up. haha

My two sisters never speak to me again when I trespassed. What does that tell you?

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 06:43 PM

But seriously
Some of the issues I have talked about are important. I am being serious. These issues about people being kidnapped and more are important. You people are being generous in giving me leeway and I believe I deserve it. I tried so many times to warn you all that this is what happened before you stepped into a trap. I would go on to other threads to try and do good. I tried hard to make friends however I am up tight. I do not like taking risks.

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 06:46 PM

Just trust in GOD 0 AD!
Remember. If I ever get banned remember one entity. GOD 0 AD! That is the main point of The Holy Bible. Oh and your two real parents because when you were a kid they raised you up for free. Oh and your siblings if you have any because they kept you company and told you what a jerk others could be. I do not have too much however The Ten Commandments. Just look it up: EXODUS chapter 20: verses 1 through 17. - The Holy Bible

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 10:00 PM

Well I'm going to try to stick to this one lonely thread from now on. hehe

This is my latest PingPong run, and you start it by typing PongPong.exe at the DOSBox 0.74 prompt and it will activate the rest of the files in the directory.

Cheers [drinking my homemade orange coffee smoothie with water] hmm:smile2:

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 10:02 PM

"Orange Homemade Smoothie with Coffee and Filtered Water On The Rocks" - and that is what I was sent to bartender school for in NY. Yes, I have a bartender degree in NY believe it!

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 10:44 PM

I'm trying to be cool saying I got a bartender degree. Although I did get a certificate for going to bartending classes for 2 weeks I do not think drinking is a good thing!!!!! Drinking even high amounts of sugar is no good for you. Water may be a drag however it is healthier#

Please do not drink anything except filtered water if you have nothing else. Of course milk helps the bones. Also, orange juices that are all natural is healthy for you too.

I have been drinking mainly fresh water that is filtered with the same year old filter from the refrigerator for the last year 99% of the time and I feel healthy. I am a little hyper when I am this healthy however imagine only having 1% germ in your body that gets through.

tienkhoanguyen 20-03-2017 11:25 PM

Just my laptop setup and my trusty companion.
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It is the entire Holy Bible except I tried to remove what I wrote; It (dearingly) contains both the new too. Good old times since I was just in 2nd grade at least.

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