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GTX2GvO 11-03-2013 08:14 AM

Drive migration software.
Ok. To put things simple.
I'm looking for a good piece of (Freeware) software that would allow me to migrate the content of my laptop's second HDD to a bigger one I have ready for this stuff. (but still has some old partitions on it)

And YES. This Laptop actually has 2 HDD bays.
I want to preferably clone the current D disk (single partition HDD) to the "new" bigger one.
Thus allowing me more room for my steam games.
(Steam is installed on the D drive and all games are there too)

I no longer have a valid license to use the software I used in the past, nor would it be allowed to be "put" on this laptop.
I used Paragon Partition Manager before on another laptop, but don't have the cash for a license on this one.

So, my search makes me need to find something similar (And as versatile) as Paragon, but without the costs involved.
(oh. And Legal too!)

There are a few things I require from this freeware stuff though.

1. Not a Live CD.
I prefer it to be run within windows itself. Allowing future management as well.
I have also tried linux in the past and although I like the OS, I myself is not compatible with it. (so to say)
Nor do I have the disks to burn a Live CD/DVD.

2. Complete.
I am NOT looking for something that can only clone the drive.
I'm looking for a full Partition and drive manager.
So stuff like making/deleting/resizing/altering partitions should be in the program's field of possibility.

3. 100% Freeware.
No trials. No "Lite" editions. No "Add supported" ****. Completely and fully Freeware. (not necessarily open source)
I don't just want to use this "Within the next 30 days".
I want to use it soon and when I have the need to migrate my drive('s) again. (I "Collect" games :D )

I have searched the internet myself, but have yet to find something that does all the things I'm looking for.

Therefor, I'm asking you guys if you know anything that would fit the bill and preferably can also say something about the use of it.

Oh. Don't worry about me messing with partitions. This is definitely not the first migration I've done.
Previous migrations even included the OS disk itself.
Although that is not needed this time.

Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you can help me in finding the right software.

TheChosen 11-03-2013 11:14 AM

I used this one the last time I had migrate a hard drive, so I guess it could work for you too

GTX2GvO 11-03-2013 11:25 AM

Thanks for the tip.
I assume you are meaning the Freeware Home version.

I'll check it out.

gregor 31-03-2013 11:48 AM

i would still use something like clonezilla or redobackup (liveCD or USB).

i mean in this case you don't need the sound or wifi or printing to work and such and both have simple GUI interface, so graphics should work well too. and then you just use the UI for bare metal backup.

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