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Mystvan 06-03-2018 06:20 PM

Laughter Therapy for Free
Laughter Therapy for Free: (In)famous and (Un)funny (Bad) Jokes, Nonsense Stuff, Pranks and Puns:

Now, talking about the review, no wonder the reviewer says the Hairys are so “mean”. I also agree, as I have a vague idea of ​​why Hairys are considered “mean”...

Oh, if you could borrow powerful characters from other Universes like Cartoons, Comics and Movies, I come to mind three powerful, invincible and Legendary Baldies.

They are the legendary rulers of Baldo and gods of the World of Baldies. (Lord Eggplant); (Lord Egg Head :picard:); (Lord Chayote).

Unfortunately, they are arguing over who is the Supreme Ruler: :argue:

• Who is the most bald or the least hairy? :hairpull: :tease:

• Who is the tallest? :tease: :zip:

• Who is the most handsome and sexiest? :lust: :drool:

• Who has the brightest head (shining and / or the wisest)? :zen: :idea:

Those issues show the existential crisis of the Grand Masters and how they are restless and pulling their hair... :hairpull: :wall: May the Force be with them! :lightsaber:

Well, the war between Baldyland / Baldydom (aka Baldo) and Hairyland / Hairydom (aka Hairry) for hair tonic and hair implant begins now!!!

Mystvan 26-03-2018 12:30 AM

The Qualities and Virtues of the Stinky Feet (Foot Odor)
Now, I will talk about entrepreneurship with great potential never explored by the start-ups... ($

We will speak of the qualities and virtues of the stinky feet (foot odor). :tease: :wacko: :woot: :hypno2:

I had an acquaintance years ago who walked the streets daily without wearing socks on the same tennis shoes. :sick:

I had an idea suddenly and suggested the potentialities of such an unusual habit:

• The foot odor could be availed in the food industry such as “natural” cheese / bacon / ham / etc. flavor; :drool: :hungry:
• The foot odor could be used in the winery where stepping on the grapes could result in a refined wine, strong flavor and slightly acidic aroma; :beer: :sunning:
• The foot odor could be harnessed as a natural energy source for lighting and cooking gas; :nuke:
• The slime from foot odor could be used as a “natural” multi-use wax; :picard:
• The slime from foot odor could be used as a "natural" varnish for furniture; :palm:
• Tennis shoes could be used to grow healthy, nutritious and tasty mushrooms; :shroom:
• Tennis shoes could be used to grow biological yeast used in baking breads; :cake:
• Tennis shoes could be harnessed for research and discovery of new antibiotics against super bacteria; XD
• The slime from foot odor could be used to investigate how the displacement of an object without friction works. :mighty: :smugulon: :roll:

Mystvan 11-04-2018 01:30 AM

My signatures
My previous signature before a certain Maiden Troll :grandma: came to post nasty comments. :suspicious: :dislike: :sucks:

My Previous Signature

My current signature to respond appropriately to this Maiden Troll :grandma: that deserves to taste the poison himself for his personal offenses.

With a Maiden Troll “friend” like that, who needs enemies?

My future signature with only one modification. In case the Maiden Troll :grandma: dares come back, I have prepared sweet nasty words to return his personal and nasty offenses. He is no match for me! :suspicious: :dislike: :sucks: :owned: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”! :sneakrete: :mischief: :owned:

My Future Signature

My New Signature

My New Signature

Mystvan 29-07-2018 02:20 PM

Cosmic Beings, Deities...

I am back!?


There were reports that I was shaking uncontrollably :hypno2: and the staff were uncertain whether I was crying from laughter :cry: or in spain... :crybaby:


In addition to having whispered in the English and Portuguese languages ​​unconsciously some incoherent, intelligible phrases :zoidberg: and unusual gestures such as: :woot: :hypno2:

Nonsense Stuff from my Mouth, or rather, from my Poke-Fingers...


My precious Suspicions...


Already, in the Arkham Asylum, lying very comfortably on the Psychologist’s Couch, :hide: I began to introduce myself:

My precious Introduction...

My role como a Co(s)mic Being, who is Lost in (WebSpace) at the Nexus of (Un)Reality...


My precious Explanation of the Introduction...


My precious list of my precious Objects of devotion and worship...


Goal Accomplished! Mission Accomplished! Mission Completed!


“Special” Message to my faithful “Readers” and “Followers”!


What the Duck Am I Reading?


The Final Diagnosis...




Mystvan 29-07-2018 02:20 PM

Transformers, Combiners, Gestalts...


As the vBulletin has characters limit, I am posting the continuation from the previous post. :arrow:


I realized that in addition to Triple Changers, like Grandmaster Spectreman, there are also Six Changers and the Combiners / Gestalts mentioned earlier.

I will only list the Triple Changers and Combiners / Gestalts so that my text is not redundant since this has been mentioned in more detail from previous posts.




I am sowwy!




Mystvan 30-07-2018 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by Arringtastic1992 (Post 482504)

Huh? I can’t. Sam Derboo was gonna block me because he doesn’t upload a video gameplay. He doesn’t have YouTube account. Can you hear me? Sorry. Email Sam Derboo for me about 각개 겹파 (Gakgae Gyeokpa).


Originally Posted by Arringtastic1992 (Post 482519)

Sam Derboo was gonna block me because he doesn’t upload a video gameplay. He doesn’t have YouTube account. Can you hear me? Sorry. Email Sam Derboo for me about 각개 겹파 (Gakgae Gyeokpa).

:umm: I think he is crazier than me, Poke-man, :poke2: Bonk! Bonk! and yoga... :zen: :hihihi:

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