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Guest_Jimmy 17-07-2005 01:36 PM

There were a lot of options they took away at the release...

You were able to do dialogue with the king on a lot of things.
Amongst which independence, but also requests for tax relief or supporting units

You can still find these in the text file that hold all in game conversations...

blastradius14 17-07-2005 04:13 PM

I dont think they could find any means of playing it network, so they ceased trying that. I believe thats why the docs are still there.

Dines Petersen 10-08-2005 08:29 PM

A real classic game.

And the game is so interesting, that you can play it over and over again.
Only problem is, that when you have learnt all the tricks, it gets to easy, even at the highest level.

So i offered myself some limitations.
First limit, no trading with home nation after 1500.
This allows you just a handfull of colonists, before you try to become selfproducing of everything.
But i still managed to win.

Next challenge, NO trading what so ever.
This really gives you a slow start, since your initial 2 colonists have to grow into everything.
Two ways to pull this off. Find one of the other nations very early, and assault them. This will give you 2 more colonists, and, if done right, another 50 muskets and 100 tools. And most likely they will keep landing colonists near you, that you can take...
Or, simply sail to a corner of the map, far far away, and wait a LOOONG time, until your colonists start reproducing..
But i have done it, with all 4 nations.

Next challenge, NO peace treaties at all.
This gives you problems with all nations ofcource, if you are at war, they WILL send troops your way. And the natives will be a problem too. They will attack you hard for a long time. Eventually they will get calmer, and then you can make them happy by trading with them. But you will NEVER get a colonist trained when you dont sign the initial trreaty...
But, i was able to pull it of, with all 4 nations.

And then for the ultimate challenge : No trading, No treatys...
Go hide on a small island far far away, and hope noone notices you.
But its possible.....

Dines, who uses WAY to much time playing old strategy games...

blastradius14 10-08-2005 09:13 PM

Dude. Here's the challenge: Don't ever return to europe, don't build the custom houses, only have 1 colony, kill all the indians, and prevent the europeans from landing on any of the landmass with your own built ships. I have managed this with all 4 powers.

And you said you spent too much time playing... why aren't you playing now? LOL

Guest Guest 06-09-2005 03:27 AM

Hey folks! I'm a long-time Colonization fan who is itching to start the game again. If the originals don't work, I'll give this DOSbox thing a try.

I think I find the most success playing English. Having loads of recruits makes it really easy to fill up colonies. I mean, I built colonies to the point where the colony names start repeating!

Some neat things came up in this thread that I need to try. First, I didn't know you can cheat... nor did I know you can hit ESC to get a new list of founding fathers. Also I like the Steal-Indian's-Land+Pocahontas trick to replace Peter Minuit. Early on, FF's come slowly, and he's usually one of the first guys I take. So yeah, this is a cool trick to try.

blastradius14 06-09-2005 01:35 PM

CTRL WIN. press ctrl w to close cheat menu...

This game is fun enough without cheating, but what if you started out with a manowar instead of that caravel? :ph34r:

Gel 24-09-2005 09:07 PM

This is definetly one of my favourite games ever. It's so addicitive!

I have to disagree with something someone said earlier in this thread though . . The PC version is a bit rubbish compared to the amiga version. Most notably the music. . .

But still I love Colonization to bits. I'm in the middle of a game at the moment, almost ready to declare independence. I seem to play differently to everybody else though.. all my colonists have to be experts, or become experts as quickly as possible. Therefore all my colonies have schools, which soon become colleges and universities. All my colonies have lumber mills and one or two carpenters. All my colonies produce tools, and about half produce muskets. I dont use missionaries, as indian converts are useless, as are petty criminals and indentured servants, and I always play as England.

There's some really good tips in this thread

kjsfld 26-09-2005 07:43 PM

Hey, I have the same problem with sound. It works fine until a trigger occurs that requires a special sound, in which case it just shrieks. I decided to just turn off the sound to get rid of this problem.

But on a side note, does anyone know where I can change the food bonus for Expert Farmers and Expert Fisherman. I just think that it's a little silly that all the other bonuses are x2 but for farmers it's +2 and fisherman is +3. They should have the same amount of bonus that everyone else does so that where you place your colony is a really big decision not only for product, but for food. The colo-pedia lists the fishing bonus as x2 but I'm pretty sure it's only +3.

gorkur 27-09-2005 12:50 AM

Words just can not explain the utter brillians of this game!

Colonization isn't a game, it's a term over what you do instead of sitting over TV shows that bore you or if you don't want to play any of your games you always get this little imp on your shoulder that reminds you of Colonization.

Sid Meiers best piece of work :ok:

laiocfar 09-11-2005 02:41 AM

Well i finished a game with this site version :D Itīs nice to raise a new nation from nothing.
Anyway, Sid Meyer debt the Brazil or portogueses and some founding fathers from Sudamerica :not_ok:
Anyway, i love this game :ok:

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