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Mystvan 11-09-2017 07:44 PM

off topic from "Volunteer for writing reviews!"

Originally Posted by Japo (Post 468932)
Got it! Thanks Frodo. We'll put it on the to-do list :p
If you don't see action soon enough, do poke...

Hey! Poke? Someone is talking about Poke-man :poke2: because the Poke-man’s ear is red and itchy.

Does it mean that now (Mi)Lady of the Rings :frodo: has now gained the fame as Poke-lady!??? :poke: :omg: :o

Poke-man :poke2: now hopes that Professor Oak :oak: does not appear to try to capture Poke-man :poke2:.

Professor Oak 11-09-2017 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mystvan (Post 468971)
Hey! Poke? Someone is talking about Poke-man :poke2: because the Poke-man’s ear is red and itchy.

Does it mean that now (Mi)Lady of the Rings :frodo: has now gained the fame as Poke-lady!??? :poke: :omg: :o

Poke-man :poke2: now hopes that Professor Oak :oak: does not appear to try to capture Poke-man :poke2:.

You summoned me?

Mystvan 12-09-2017 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by Professor Oak (Post 468974)
You summoned me?

Greetings, dear Professor Oak... :oak: It’s been a long time since you were in the AB Forums...

By the way, I am sorry to inform you, but I am not Poke-man. :poke2: :whistling: In fact, my secret identity, never before revealed, is the phenomenal Ash Gray wannabe aka (Tr)ash Dust. :doh: :headslap: :palm: :picard: And my motto is “ashes to ashes, dust to dust and trash to trash”... :wacko: :tease:

So I did not summon you... :whistling:

Ash’s baldness...

After many investigations with the collaborations of the celebrated Miss Lulu_Jane Marple :lulu: and Air-cule Parrot :braindead:, we arrived at the following conclusions :spy: :paparazzi::

The Shocking Secrets of Ash...

tienkhoanguyen 23-09-2017 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by LianneJW1912 (Post 468976)
Anyone interested in writing some reviews for AT? :P You can't blame me for trying ;)

Well I'll tell you how I turned into a programming failure for you article. So I'll do something new. I write out how I turned into a programming failure and you can put it in your article that one of the members of Abandonia is such a sad failure.

Anyways the story is this. When I was young (still am a kid by the way)... I did everything my parents told me. I drank Similac, at Apricot Gerber: Pear, Peach, etc. You name it my parents understood I was a good boy. So they set me up to go to the best schools money can afford. However admissions was tough. You got to get good scores on your grades and testings. However my dad was good at Engineering so he hooked me up with his Engineering school where he went. (I cheated... hence the failure)! hehe

Anyways it was easy. They saw I was good at my dad's backup plan for me. Since he knew Engineering was rough he told me you can do something easy. So I have a backup plan for you my son. You can just program he confided in me and get your programming degree. I will give you my inheritance and you are my first born son if you can do that.

I went out to California after being accepted to Lafayette College of Engineering and dropped out. Boy my dad was unhappy however he sent a couple team of soldiers out to secretly eavesdrop on my whereabouts. 3 years later I can home to work for McDonald's [yes the very place I get my Ice Coffee... yes... Hazelnut... and yes large]. hehe

Behold at McDonald's while I was mopping the floor my father went in and stood where I was mopping! I was so upset that day that I ignored my father who had his niece and nephew there. Well little did I know that would be the last I would see him since he passed. However I never forgot what he did for me. He sent David Nguyen to hook me up with a computer company called FoxConn. Unfortunately this is where my failure is again!

Now at FoxConn I was to be an Engineer from there from David Nguyen's hookup to the company. Unfortunately I feel madly in love with two Vietnamese women. Well they fired me for hanky panky on the job. But I didn't do anything I told them. I just got jealous. So anyways this Asian company's boss told me I was fired and hand in my electro static charge bands etc. I sadly walked out of the company that day and my life when into failure.

40 jobs later I am finally sitting at home collecting welfare. :OK:

Myst always talks about Japo and Capo and Frodo. She should really be interviewed. She is so selfless that she puts others praises before her own!:smile2:

It is a similar game to LodeRunner the original. I think I finished all the levels and there is a level editor back in the commodore 64 area or was that the Atari 2600? hehe One of those two. I think it was the Atari 2600 since I remember wearing the stick down and it always cracked. I remember firing a hole and it was really talented how the programmers programmed it. Unlike Imitation LodeRunner's novice programming the original :mhh: LodeRunner guy or gal would turn the direction of firing and dig a hole in that direction!!! That was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. After every level I would remember this cool sound [I forgot how it went]. Anyways I think the original LR had 150 levels. I got bored since once I got to 150 levels I had to create my own and that was no fun. I always like playing the original LR's levels made by the original producer Broderbund. :)

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