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MrBackAlleySka 03-08-2005 04:26 AM

Hey guys, just found my old Amiga haha, and it works. Got everything working. Found some old games Cannon Fodder 2, and the like, but i'd like to play Ambermoon, and Elite 2 and stuff. Anyone reccommend any good Amiga abandonware sites?

Aguirre 03-08-2005 04:44 AM

... for example :)

The third link includes all Thalion games (yep, Ambermoon too :))

Quintopotere 03-08-2005 12:02 PM

I went to look the links suggested by Aguirre: just impressive :ok: ... how many memories...

rudhraigh 04-08-2005 04:00 AM

Anyone know of a way of easily playing the original Amiga version of The Faery Tale Adventure on a Pc?

Aguirre 04-08-2005 05:23 AM

WinUAE :angel:

Quintopotere 04-08-2005 12:54 PM

I've never tried WinUAE... in the past it used to be quite complicated: now is it easier?

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