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20-12-2019 11:34 PM
peyre I realize it's been a year since anyone's posted here, but...in case anyone else should come by I thought I'd post this:

I recently created a fan site for this game, which you might find worthwhile. It has some some pointers, and helpful extras such as the game manual.

26-10-2018 04:12 AM
Aleortu It has something no other game has: your character gets old, dies and is replaced by a son. So I played it from year 1200 to year 2100 (yes nine centuries) just to see how my dinasty advances:
Catriel, Isidoro, Catriel II, Ivan, Catriel III, Ivan II, Alex, Alex II, Catriel IV ... and so on...

It was funny to see my family is always japanese even when they have lived 500 years in Egypt and the wives are always arabic.

I have made a chart with the prices of goods buy/sell and each of the merchants. So any time I have 2 merchants in my territory I can make loads of money. Example: buy silk to the chinese and sell it to the venetian, use the money to buy silk again...
03-10-2013 09:57 PM
Conquering Mongolia

Originally Posted by kpj1984 View Post
This is a fantastic game but I really just cannot beat that first campaign to unlock the 4th campaign! Any strategy tips for me? I've looked online and only found SNES game tips, and not very useful at that.
I know I have until 1245 to do it, and I never be too ambitious, as it leaves me unprotected- but the Naimans (orange, from the left side of the board) constantly take over half of the land before I have 3-4 territories... the problem is I never have enough troops to defend my other territories when I attack another province.
Simple--play as the Naimans. That's how I did it. I'm working right now on conquering Mongolia as Temujin, so the other solution would be to contact me and maybe I can send you a save game or something.
02-04-2010 08:13 AM

Wow! It's nice to see this game again!
I used to play this way back when I still had no internet..haha
I have this on cd but it won't work anymore because everything's hightech nowadays..haha
I'm gonna try downloading this..hope it works!

Game tips:

(my own strategies.. :P)

1. I usually have troops of:
* Samurais (the best so far because they shoot arrows and at the same time have a powerful "charge")
* Mongols (2nd best, almost same abilities like the samurai)
* Knights (have powerful "charge", but no arrows)
* Elephants (have great defense,good "charge", and has arrows.. I think?)

2. Always have children
- make the males generals and make the female ones marry the generals with good qualities (usually those who have A-B rating in politics and war) .. the charm doesn't really matter, it's just a bonus! haha :P
..the more the merrier!

3. Always have a lot of gold!
- you'll be needing it for mercenaries, arms, investments, buying items and blah blah blah.

4. Always train your troops to a 100%!
- so that when you're at war, you'll have greater chances of winning!

5. Conquer!
- there are lots of territories to be conquered, just be ready by having alot of gold, good troops, and generals with good qualities.

6. Never ever appoint a governor which is not a son/ in law
- by experience, these tend to revolt and claim the land as their own.

7. Threaten weak neighboring countries
- those that have few troops.. either they submit, give gold or ignore.

8. Always have an advisor who's got an A-B rating in politics (duh!)
- take Borchu for example ;P

9. Recruit generals from each land
- as your territories expand, you'll be needing a handful of generals, governors, advisors, etc.. each land has at least 1 outstanding general

10. Donate to the people
- epidemics, storms and the like frequently occur through the course of the game.. every time that happens, the people get dissatisfied.. so the support goes down.. so it doesn't hurt to give some food, right? every once in a while would be fine.. just make sure the rating doesn't reach a level below 40-50, I think? because there are higher chances of revolting with such rating.

Those are my tips, have fun playing!
23-09-2009 12:23 PM
Luchsen Yes. But only if you use DOSBox. Otherwise it won't work, naturally.
23-09-2009 07:41 AM
jasonmloh Luch Zen, I am a bit confused. What you mean is press CTRL + F5 while the glitch is running. Am I right ?

Thanks again Luch Zen.
20-09-2009 03:54 PM
Luchsen In DOSBox, you can make screenshots with CTRL+F5. By default, they are saved in your DOSBox program directory -> subdirectory capture which has to be manually created first. You can change the directory in your DOSBox configuration.
18-09-2009 08:13 AM
jasonmloh I have a software program that captures still images on the screen. but the images you requested Luch Zen only appear randomly and I need to know how to pause the game when it shows on the screen.

Thanks again Luch Zen.
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09-09-2009 07:51 AM
Belphy Genghis Khan II - Great classic game!

As mentioned above, the AI is not very bright, so there's alot of holes that you can exploit to make the game very easy..

I finished the game countless time, trying every ruler in every campaign by exploiting the AI's weakness..
It was fun, though..

My basic strategy is getting cash as much as you can, by trading with merchants or plundering enemies town / castle.
Use the cash to buy the best unit (My personal favorite is Horse Archers and Samurai).
Train and buy Arms until both are at 100, then launch the attack.

If the enemy has more units than me, I usually use the "Hit and Run" tactics, attacking with only 1-2 legions and try to destroy their weaker unit, then withdraw without losing any unit.
Repeat that in the next turn, and you will be able to beat a state with 20 units with only 8 units

I don't know if any of you already notice, but there are also some hidden Generals in the game, like Robin Hood in certain scenarios. I forgot the details, though.

Overall, it is one of my favorite classic game of all time
09-09-2009 07:46 AM
Having a problem

OK I will get a screen-shot.

Thanks again Luch Zen.
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