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15-11-2014 02:01 AM
Robin Patterson
Originally Posted by zippyriver View Post
A "first ten moves" tips list would be cool.

The very first move is very important. Do it right, and you can get away with a bit of slack later. See

That page should be expanded to cover subsequent moves, but even what's there has tips that can apply throughout your first two or three years. It links to articles about specific topics.
13-11-2014 02:09 AM
Robin Patterson
Details of upgrading

Originally Posted by Oskatat View Post
I've got a little question. I had a bunch of artillery in a border town and when I upgraded the artillery tech, it said it would also upgrade the units, but it doesn't. Do I have to do anything extra? does it just take time? It's a bit of an issue since the province is a hotzone for getting attacked
As other responders have noted, it's not automatic. The game does not say it would upgrade them. It says "Allows ... upgrading..."

When you click the left-hand button to see details of an army or fleet, that button will be lit up if any units can be upgraded, and any that can be upgraded will have a little icon at the right. Hover your pointer over one to see the cost, or just click it to do the upgrade or to be told that you lack some resource.

Incidentally, the game does not always tell you everything that the new technology does. Sapper upgrade is available quite early but is not mentioned for the tech that allows it. See
13-11-2014 01:49 AM
Robin Patterson There is a wiki for this game (and others by Frog City Software): http://imperialism.wikia.com

Over 400 articles, with provision for comments and "talk" pages and screenshots. Of course it has a link to Abandonia! Come and help write more articles or improve what's there - or just learn strategy and tactics from some long-time enthusiasts.
04-02-2014 02:28 PM
Bandenere GOG version of the game DO NOT CRASH when using the ZOOM button. They always deliver TOP stuff!!!
12-08-2012 02:42 PM
Oskatat yeah, just found out, in the army info screen.

This is the first time I seem to be winning! or at least not losing yet. Normal difficulty and I'm allied with 2 other countries, picking off the others one by one. I only managed to pick up 5 extra provinces, but I seem to constantly get capitols and provinces with lots of resources, while the ai seems to pick the easiest targets... Ofcourse it's hardly defended, it doesn't have anything worth defending! However, taking them all out means the capitol loses income which means that the army is slowly dismissed. The trick is to attack while it is weakened but not so weak that my allies will attack first.

I'm getting to end game, 4 great nations left, me and 2 smaller ones vs the big guy, though he's not that big anymore, in three turns I took 7 provinces. I'm not even develloping anymore, letting the AI infrastructure be enough. The only exception is mines and oil. I have excess lumber, excess timer, paper, cloth, clothes, wool, linnen, furniture and eerything, but I can never get enough steel and well, that power plant is a great help, though I do keep a workforce at hand in case a lot of my oil gets cut off. The workforce is mostly at work making foor, of which i have 3000 now, despite selling a lot and recruiting a lot. Average income per turn, 50.000

so a note. As soon as you seem to be exceeding your spendings per turn, buy ores, coal and metal. You'll need enormous quantities later on. Don't worry too much about horses. If you have them, nice, they don't sell well, but the light artillery is very useful. The heavy cavalry only really gets useful after the first upgrade in my opinion, 3 range is not enough for anyting. Since light infantry to sharpshooters is the first upgrade, and the others will take some time, especially the ones for the other infantry, they suddenly become top of he class.

all in all (not counting AI stupidity) it makes the battles interesting through all the ages. You've got infanry and cavalry to screen for your artillery moving into position. Light artillery moves faster but is extremely vulnerable. However, if some of your units have drawn the fire of enemy artilery, your light artillery can quickly move in to take it out. This usually causes the enemy cavalry and infantry to attack your light artillery, but your stationary, long range artillery is using defensive fire, and your own (surviving) foot and horse units also fire back. The damage can be astounding.

Just be happy the ai doesn't use only heavy artillery on defence, like I do. Nothing gets within range without being hit 2 or 3 times, which is usually enough to rout or kill them

capitals seem to keep on buying items even when captured, but I might be wrong. Having no market for your goods is the nightmare for any empire
12-08-2012 06:12 AM
Originally Posted by Oskatat View Post
I've got a little question. I had a bunch of artillery in a border town and when I upgraded the artillery tech, it said it would also upgrade the units, but it doesn't. Do I have to do anything extra? does it just take time? It's a bit of an issue since the province is a hotzone for getting attacked
I think you have to upgrade them individually, at an additional cost in resources. But i haven't played in a while.

The "These units will also be upgraded" refers to production of new units, not ones already in service. (I think).
11-08-2012 12:44 PM
Oskatat I've got a little question. I had a bunch of artillery in a border town and when I upgraded the artillery tech, it said it would also upgrade the units, but it doesn't. Do I have to do anything extra? does it just take time? It's a bit of an issue since the province is a hotzone for getting attacked
28-11-2011 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Churchill View Post
Imperialism is definetely the best game ever !

Even now it is the only game I play regularly. One or two times in the year I am in the fever and have to play it, even I know all the moves inside out.
This could have been written by me. After two years of playing this nearly nonstop and still not getting tired of it, I have to agree, best game ever.
Recently I moved to Nigh on Impossible and its not that much harder than hard.

The best hint for new players is to build a ship of the line as soon as possible, then the computer players will leave you alone or even ally with you. You need to have this ship at least once you see the other nations form alliances in the newspaper. If you dont, they will gang up on you.
If you do, you will get alliance offers and once the war starts, you should not break your alliance, or you will be next.

Once you have the ship, the most important thing is industrialization of your provinces. By that I do not mean connecting ressources. If you have lots wood or cotton in a province and you build a depot on or next to the city tile of a province, you will get free lumber, or even free furniture! This stuff if completely free , does not require labour and is not deducted from the ressources.
So, if you have lots of forest in a province, build a depot on the city or near it and then expand your furniture industry up to 20. Especially in the beginning the free lumber and furniture will give you a huge boost.
This works with steel, too, but you need coal and iron in a province to get free stuff. This is of course the jackpot, since steel is the most important ressource.
You do not need to connect the ressources and you should not, since it is too costly and requires much labor, buy coal,iron or steel instead. You should however upgrade the ressources, even the not connected ones, since that gives more free stuff.
I think industrialiazation is the most important and most motivating aspect of the game.

Edit: Your capital province will not industrialize, so build it in a poor province. The best location is in a poor province, but on a tile next to lumber or cotton from another province, this gives you immediate resources to work on and does not take stuff from industrialization. Unlike in Imp 2, food is not very important for the starting location.
10-10-2011 09:52 PM
Eagle of Fire Well, I can't talk about Imperialism but in Imperialism 2 it make sense that all the big powers suddenly jump on you since the whole goal of the game is to be the winner among those big powers. All game long, all you do is build strength on the new world to be able to do just that.

But if you don't want other powers to jump on your it is easy: just either bribe or trade them out from attacking you.
10-10-2011 09:00 PM
WillBKK I always play as the Ottoman Empire. Things go veeeerry slowly at the start (in fact for most of the game) but I have got them up to a fairly decent level before and been in a position to beat Austria and Russia in a war. You really have to use every single unit of resource perfectly though!

Two things get on my nerves:
- how unless you interfere Britain will always annihilate France and probably win the game very early in the 1820 start time.
- the way all the great powers will gang up on you in wars, and won't accept peace until they've destroyed you. It's the same in Imperialism 2, I'm always doing fairly well when suddenly everyone declares war at once!
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