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23-05-2006 01:45 PM
wormpaul Something from the shop and cd's when im right k:
20-05-2006 12:56 AM
ReamusLQ What did everyone win?!?!?
19-05-2006 09:43 PM
Kosta Well, the competition ended yesterday, and here are the answers... All of you that haven't played, you missed an easy prize because all people that participated - won something The winners will be contacted shortly and they will choose their prizes.

Answers to the first set of questions:

1. When did Abandonia first appear on the internet? Give exact date.

2. How is this date relevant to Kosta's (owner's) family?
Birthday of his mother, Ines

3. What typo can be found on the SQ Collection box released in 1997?
Vouhoal's Revenge instead of Vohaul's Revenge.

4. The StarCon logo introduced in SQ5 is a triangular shape. But what shape does the logo have when you're standing on top of the Main Rotunda? Provide evidence for extra score!

5. Who is this man?
Ken Williams - He founded Sierra On-Line, for nearly two decades one of the world's leading PC game makers, selling it to Cendant Corp. in 1996 for $1 billion.

6. Duke Nukem is a series we all know very well... but! The very first game in the series had 2 official names (depending on which version you have of the game). One of the names were of course Duke Nukem. What was the second name? Give a reason as to why for extra score!
Version 2.0 was named Duke Nukum.
Reason: Apogee heard rumours that there was another game character in Europe with the copy-righted name of Duke Nukem. Because of this they quickly changed the name to Duke Nukum. Later they realized that the name wasn't copy-righted, so they bought the rights and the series have been named Duke Nukem ever since.

7. An easy one.... who was the real life model used for shaping this character? What is the name of the game, and what is the name of the character in the game.
Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc in Onimusha 3

8. id Software had many alternative titles to Wolfenstein 3D (not all were serious, but they were still made). Name 5 alternative titles.
Castle Ochtenstein
Luger's Run
The Fourth Reich
Adolph's Bane
Hard Cell
Luger Me Now
Tank You Very Much
Castle Hasselhoff
How Do You Duseldorf?
Castle Verlassen

9. 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. is a company rather famous for creating pinball games, but what was it originally named - before it changed its name to 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. in 1991?
Hewson Consultants Ltd.

10. And one for the forum regulars... Which forum member, although not officially a moderator, has performed the most moderator actions to this day? Give a rough estimate of how many!
Data - 1065

Answers to the second set of questions:

1. Who was the first person to achieve Admin status on Abandonia forums besides Kosta? Why is this person's admin status undisputable?
- Titan. The Abandonia forums had a very slow start. Even 3 months after the opening it still had only around 2 new posts per day and I was determined to close it because I thought it will never come to life and serve any purpose to the site. However, Titan forced me to keep it alive regardless, for reasons only known to him His judgement proved to be right!

2. Only one villain has ever won over Batman in a fist-fight, leaving Batman crippled as a result. Who?
- Bane. He broke Batman's spine in a fight.

3. When did Maikel take over the designing part of the site? Who was in charge of design before? What was Maikel's occupation at the time he started the redesign?
- Maikel took over in 2004, before that Kosta did the designs. He was student of Communication & Multimedia Design in Delft

4. Batman's base of operations is Gotham City, but what other superhero (not in the Batman family) used Gotham as his base?
- Alan Scott, the very first Green Lantern.

5. How many servers does Abandonia run on? Which web hosting companies own these, and what do you estimate is the max allocated bandwith (in Mbits) of each?
- It runs on two servers. LeaseWeb and HiVelocity, 10Mbit + 20Mbit for a total of 30Mbits/sec of bandwith

6. In what comic was Batgirl shot in the spine and paralyzed for life? And who has the shooter?
- The Joker shot her in "The Killing Joke".

7. One for the forum regulars... Which forum member, although not officially a moderator, has performed the most moderator actions to this day? Give a rough estimate of how many!
Data - 1065

8. The Joker is possibly the most wellknown enemy of Batman, but what was his occupation before he changed into The Joker?
- He was a seriously bad stand-up comedian - NOT a thief. Thieving was something he did on the side.

9. How is the creation date of Abandonia connected to Kosta's (owner's) family?
Birthday of his mother, Ines

10. Who has *officially* used the Robin Costume in the comic? And in which order? And what happened to them?
- Dick Grayson (first) - he later left Batman to create Nightwing. Jason Peter Todd (second) - he was beaten to death with a crowbar by The Joker. Timothy Drake (third) - he leaves Batman after his parents are killed. Stephanie Brown (fourth) - Timothy's girlfriend, who takes the role when Tim resignes. She is fired by Batman for not following orders.
19-05-2006 03:54 PM
Tom Henrik We will post both answers - don't worry
19-05-2006 02:14 AM
Eagle of Fire Could you also post the original questions answers? I was interested to know which mod used his powers the most.
19-05-2006 01:13 AM
Kosta I'll post them tomorrow after exam, so around 18:00 GMT
19-05-2006 12:28 AM
xcom freak could you post the answers?
18-05-2006 05:35 PM
Kosta Just a reminder that today is the last day of the competition and I will accept submissions until 23:59 GMT today Feel free to send in any answers if you got them as the knowledge displayed in the answers so far was.... well... questionable
Answers will be posted tomorrow.
09-05-2006 11:19 AM
Originally posted by Shrek@May 8 2006, 04:25 PM
[Hum, I believe he's referring to Scarface's avatar....

yes i was, i think it's funny.

Also it was the old question before the reset i was asking about, i didn't et to see the spoilier post.

I am quite content to wait until the end of the competion for the answers to the new questions.
Which by the way i have no idea about
08-05-2006 08:39 PM
Tom Henrik They might be. After all, we had to completely remake 10 questions from scratch because someone destroyed it for everyone.
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