View Full Version : Larry 5 - Enter Code

20-09-2004, 02:55 PM
Hi, I'm playing all the Leisure Suit Larry games again and I'm stuck at 5 now. First I got stuck at #3 when doing the workouts (I had done 500 of all 4 of 'em ... then I tried DosBox and now I only need to do 15 or so). But at 5, when Patty enters the office, opens the drawer, reads the note with the number (I also wrote it down), copies the personal files, gets undressed, steps into the shower, goes downstairs and when I try to enter the code there it says I have the wrong code! I am 100% sure I enter the same code as I found written on the blue paper in the drawer.

I've redownloaded and restarted the game. Tried it like 5 times (each time getting different codes of course) but I just won't let me through ... any suggestions?


- Robert

PS I play the games using DosBox on a P4 2.4 GHz.