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30-08-2004, 02:46 PM
basically the sound of master of magic doesnt work i have a sound blaster live sound card and a fairly new comp. any help?

30-08-2004, 02:50 PM
use DOSBox. See my signature on how to use it.

30-08-2004, 02:52 PM
Well, there're two ways of getting sound from Master of Magic:
1. You use Windows 98, on the CD supplied with the Soundblaster Live-card there should be drivers for compatibility with the old Ms-Dos Soundblaster standard, like Soundblaster, Soundblaster Pro and the like. They'll install automatically, too. If you use Windows XP, go to the 2nd possibility instead.
2. You play the game under DosBox and choose either Soundblaster or Soundblaster Pro for sound, not Soundblaster 16, as that one sometimes causes problems under DosBox.
You can download DosBox from this site, on the main page.
Ask in case of further problems! B)

04-09-2004, 03:28 AM
Ok, got dosbox loaded up Master of Magic on dosbox sound still didnt work, it loaded up normally just that though. Ill try re-install it any other suggestions.

04-09-2004, 06:59 AM
Ok, it seems that you didn't configure the Soundblaster in the install.exe of Master of Magic correctly.
At first, don't the select the Soundblaster music, it sounds pretty lame and choppy in DosBox. Choose General Midi instead. Select Configure card then. Let the values at their default positions (adress 330, DRQ 2). It takes little longer to load the game then, but that's worth it - the music is very good then.
Then choose Soundblaster Pro (Later) and set the values as this: adress 220, IRQ 7, DRQ 1.
Enjoy the music and sound and have fun with the great game! http://forum.giga.de/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif

06-09-2004, 07:02 AM
yeah i kind of figured to re-install it cause you mentioned last post, the trouble now is my install.exe dont work. OffTopic: So im trying to redownload it but my download window gets closed off like 800,1300,1600,1800,3200 bytes et cetra. through downloading, WTF!??? tried it from oldgames.nu didnt work there either. I had this prob a bit and all i had to do was download it from other sites, if anyone knows the answer reply

06-09-2004, 01:09 PM
Probably you use a download-manager for that. It's not supported by this site (I believe), but I'm not 100% sure too.

07-09-2004, 07:39 AM
i redownloaded it an unzipped and went to install.exe and it said

__________________________________________________ ______
| Finished - Install |
| invalid option : Magic/Install.exe |
| Microprose install ver 2.00: |
| [INSTALL flags] |
| -s do not auto-detect sound cards |
| -b turn ON speaker beeps |
| -d do not load background art |
since it says finished i cant do anything

... also on further note i check

also in the file properties i checked the install.exe and the install shortcut . Their cmd paths were different instead of C:/games/master of magic/install.exe
they had C:/warez/master of magic/install.exe

when i changed the CMD path back and opened the file it had no writing.
magic.exe is already there when i unzipped and when i open the game opens, runs beautifully just no sound. this sucks :not_ok:

07-09-2004, 10:56 AM
Lol, now this is a weird problem... From here on I don't know further, too... :( :blink: