View Full Version : Linux/win9x Dualboot - How To?

The Fifth Horseman
30-06-2005, 01:38 PM
I've had some experience with dual boot before, however it was only with using it, not making.

Right now, there is a new piece of computer hardware going to be delivered to office today.
Ahh, who the heck I am trying to lie to? This machine is probably going to be 5-6 years old, so not really new.

Anyway, the boss demanded that I set the thing up for running Windows 98SE and Linux Mandrake in dual boot.


I don't know how to do it! Help!


30-06-2005, 01:51 PM
First install Windows, but only after you set up partition. Size of Win98 partition depends on the programs you will install on that computer. Then start installation of linux, and it will ask you what to do for boot. I am not sure about that particular linux, but most of them offer lilo or some other options.

Should be very easy.

The Fifth Horseman
30-06-2005, 02:25 PM
I understand that they need to be installed on separate partitions, correct?

30-06-2005, 02:42 PM
That's correct.

That's why before you begin installing windows you have to repartition drive.

This is best way to do it:

Start installation disk for win98, selecting to install windows, and selecting to install cd rom drive, and at the prompt to install win98 (blue screen), press F3 twice. You should have DOS prompt. Enter fdisk and press enter.

In FDISK, first delete current partitions (you might use delete non-dos partition if system had nt or win2k).

Then create primary partition, but not of whole disk, but the part of it (1-2GB for example, which is 1024MB-2048MB) Make sure to select created partitions as active (make active partition from menu)

Then restart your computer and repeat thing with F3 button. When you get back to DOS prompt, enter: format c: /s and press enter. (/s will load system files, so you can boot from there)

When format finishes, type next:

mkdir c:\Win98

and if you still are in <drive letter of cd rom>:\Win98 folder, type:

copy *.* c:\win98

when computer is done, rebote without CD, and at dos prompt, type next:

cd win98


Rest is regular win98 setup, where you select options etc.

When you done, then start linux installation.

Reason I use this way to install win98 is that windows will not ask you again for win98 cd rom, when you install software or hardware.