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24-05-2005, 10:26 PM
Hey guys, I'm looking to get a new comuter, so I've decided to start tinkering with this one. The bios I'm using is really limited and won't let me change the multipliers on my processor. Can anyone help me track down a rompaq for this unit, here are the details.


Model : Intel® Celeron® CPU 1.70GHz
Speed : 1.69GHz
Performance Rating : PR1863 (estimated)
Type : Standard
Package : FC µPGA478
Rated Speed/FSB : 1700MHz / 4x 100MHz
Multiplier : 17/1x
Generation : G8
Name : P4C (Willamette) Celeron 180nm 1.7-1.8GHz 1.75V
Revision/Stepping : 1 / 3 (A)
Stepping Mask : E0
Microcode : MU0F1305
Core Voltage Rating : 1.750V
Maximum Physical / Virtual Addressing : 36-bit / 32-bit
Native Page Size : 4kB

Co-Processor (FPU)
Type : Built-in
Revision/Stepping : 1 / 3 (A)

Processor Cache(s)
Internal Data Cache : 8kB Synchronous, Write-Thru, 4-way set, 64 byte line size
Internal Trace Cache : 12kB Synchronous, Write-Thru, 8-way set, 64 byte line size
L2 On-board Cache : 128kB ECC Synchronous, ATC, 4-way set, 64 byte line size, 2 lines per sector
L2 Cache Multiplier : 1/1x (1694MHz)

Socket/Slot : XU1 PROCESSOR
Upgrade Interface : ZIF Socket
Supported Speed(s) : 3.20GHz+

Processor Power Management
Processor Throttling Enabled : Yes
Throttle Range : 12% - 100%

Environment Monitor 1
Model : AD ADM1027 SMB
Mainboard Specific Support : No

Power Rating(s)
CPU Core Power : 59W (estimated)

CPU Voltage : 1.70V


Manufacturer : Compaq
Version : 686O2 v3.12
Date : 10/30/2002
Plug & Play Version : 1.00
SMBIOS/DMI Version : 2.30
(EE)PROM Size : 512kB

General Capabilities
Can be Updated/Flashed : Yes
Can be Shadowed : Yes
Is Socketed : No
Supports Plug & Play : Yes
Supports ESCD : No
Supports Enhanced Disk Drive : Yes
NEC PC-98 Spec Compatible : No

Power Management Features
Supports APM : Yes
Supports ACPI : Yes
Supports Smart Battery : No

Boot Features
Supports Selective Booting : Yes
Supports CD/DVD Boot : Yes
Supports PCMCIA/CardBus Boot : No
Supports LS-120 Boot : Yes
Supports ZIP Boot : Yes
Supports i2o Boot : No
Supports FireWire/1394 Boot : No
Supports BIOS Boot Block : Yes
Supports Interactive Network Boot : Yes


SiSoftware Sandra

Manufacturer : Compaq
Model : Presario 6300CA
Serial Number : 3D2ALBJQG0FD
ID : 6EA7A744-11D6E32B-70A06099-0E385412

System Chassis
Manufacturer : Compaq
Type : Desktop
Can be locked : No
Serial Number : 3D2ALBJQG0FD
Asset Tag : 3D2ALBJQG0FD
Boot-up State : Safe
Power State : Safe
Thermal State : Safe

Manufacturer : Compaq
MP Support : 1 CPU(s)
MPS Version : 1.40
Model : 0804h
Serial Number : 3D2ALBJQG0FD

System Memory Controller
Location : Mainboard
Error Correction Capability : None
Number of Memory Slots : 2
Maximum Installable Memory : 2GB
Bank 1 - DIMM1 : JEDEC ID:2C FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 8VDDT1664AG-265A1 6F281836 DIMM Synchronous DDR-SDRAM 128MB/64 @ 266Mt/s
Bank 2 - DIMM2 : JEDEC ID:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00000000 DIMM Synchronous DDR-SDRAM 512MB/64 @ 266Mt/s

FLASH Memory Controller
Location : Mainboard
Error Correction Capability : None
Number of Memory Slots : 1
Bank 3 - SYSTEM ROM : Chip Non-Volatile FLASH 512kB/4

Chipset 1
Model : Intel Corporation 82845G/GL/GV Brookdale Host-Hub Interface Bridge (A1-step)
Bus(es) : X-Bus AGP PCI IMB USB i2c/SMBus
Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 100MHz (400MHz data rate)
Maximum FSB Speed / Max Memory Speed : 4x 133MHz / 2x 166MHz
Width : 64-bit
IO Queue Depth : 8 request(s)

Chipset 1 Hub Interface
Type : Hub-Interface
Version : 1.50
Number of Ports : 1
Width : 8-bit
Full Duplex : Yes
Multiplier : 1/1x
Speed : 4x 66MHz (264MHz data rate)

Logical/Chipset 1 Memory Banks
Bank 0 : 128MB DDR-SDRAM 2.5-3-3-6CL 1CMD
Bank 2 : 256MB DDR-SDRAM 2.5-3-3-6CL 1CMD
Bank 3 : 256MB DDR-SDRAM 2.5-3-3-6CL 1CMD
Speed : 2x 133MHz (266MHz data rate)
Multiplier : 4/3x
Width : 64-bit
Refresh Rate : 15.60µs
Power Save Mode : No
Fixed Hole Present : No

Version : 2.00
Speed : 16MHz
Multiplier : 1/2x
Maximum Interrupts : 24
IRQ Handler Engaged : Yes
Enhanced Support : Yes

Memory Module(s)
Memory Module 1 : Micron 8VDDT1664AG-265A1 3618286F 128MB 8x(16Mx8) DDR-SDRAM PC2100U-2533-750 (CL2.5 up to 133MHz) (CL2 up to 100MHz)
Memory Module 2 : 512MB 16x(32Mx8) DDR-SDRAM PC2100U-2533-750 (CL2.5 up to 133MHz) (CL2 up to 100MHz)

Environment Monitor 1
Model : AD ADM1027 SMB
Mainboard Specific Support : No

Temperature Sensor(s)
Board Temperature : 31.0°C / 87.8°F td
Power / Aux Temperature : 46.0°C / 114.8°F td

Voltage Sensor(s)
CPU Voltage : 1.72V
Aux Voltage : 2.51V
+3.3V Voltage : 3.30V
+5V Voltage : 5.08V
+12V Voltage : 12.13V

AGP Bus(es) on Hub 1
Version : 2.00
Speed : 4x 66MHz (264MHz data rate)
Multiplier : 1/2x
Fast-Writes Enabled : No
Fast-Writes Support : Yes
Side Band Enabled : Yes
Aperture Size : 256MB

PCI Bus(es) on Hub 1
Version : 2.20
Number of Bridges : 2
PCI Bus 0 : PCI (33MHz)
PCI Bus 5 : PCI (33MHz)
Multiplier : 1/3x

If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it.

24-05-2005, 11:14 PM
are you sure it doesnt have jumpers or switches on the motherboard to change the multipliers?

its probably because it was an 'off the shelf' brand pc. they didnt need to worry about putting different cpu's in it

24-05-2005, 11:27 PM
Is that a laptop or a desktop presario?

25-05-2005, 03:17 AM
Its a desktop. Yeah from everything I've read they restricted bios settings to marginalize their support obligations.
There is actually no information I can find on my particular model either :(.
I have a compaq presario 6300ca.

Nevermind that guys, its a piece of junk anyways. If you want to help me, give me your impressions on these selections I have made on my next system.

10-Bay ATX Window Case w/450W PS prt #CP1809-2 (must purchase)

MSI K8N NeoPlatinum motherboard. prt#MS-7030:(must purchase)

Sempron 3100+ (must purchase) http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Produc...9_11604,00.html (http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_11599_11604,00.html)

Creative soundblaster plus! 16 bit (salvaged)
Ati Radeon 9600xt (salvaged)
512+128=640 ddr sdram (salvaged)
Western digital HD (Salvaged)

I selected the msi k8n because it supports 64 bit tech. although only (754 pin)
The sempron 3100+ is very overclockable and cheap cheap cheap. Downside is the L2 cache is reduced(512 to 256), and 64 bit is unsupported.
Don't know if 450 is overkill in power dept. but it don't hurt to have a little extra no?
Also in the os dept. Is it legal to use my compaq version of windows on my new computer if I don't instal it on any other ones? If not, is linux a viable option? is it user friendly? Is it compatible with most software?

This will be my first attempt at building a computer, is this everything i need? any suggestions?