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14-05-2013, 04:00 PM

I got the Ultima 8 from this site ([snip]) and the D-Fend Reloaded, but I'm having trouble getting it to run.

It seems the game isn't installed yet (there's no gamedat folder), and if I try to run it (u8.exe) I get the error "incomplete installation, please reinstall".

So, I tried to reinstall with (install.exe) and it shows fine, but when I click install I get "Install Successful" if I don't change the destination folder, and if I do I get a "Halting - Internal Error! Where Install.c - 558".

When the install goes successful, if I try to run (u8.exe), I still get the "incomplete installation" message.

I tried looking for other downloads, but I just found a french one.
I also tried running D-Fend as Administrator, and also tried running just DOSBox also in administrator just to install the game, but I just get the internal error message.

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit, DOSBox 0.74.

Does anyone have any help on how can I get this working?

14-05-2013, 05:21 PM
First, you should try running it without D-Fend, frontends are known to sometimes cause problems with some games. Use the commands below to install the game (for example, if your game is located in c:\dosgames\ultima8, replace the path with wherever you have the game located on your computer):

mount c: c:\
cd \dosgames\ultima8

Wait until the installation is finished. Don't close DosBox or abort the installation until it's finished, or you'll end up with corrupted files and the game won't run.
If you didn't delete the game from previous unsuccessful installation tries, delete it completely now. Download it again and place it in a folder, then run the installation.

If it still doesn't work in DosBox, then your only other (easy) option would be to run the installation under Windows 95 / 98SE, and I doubt you have that option available to you. You could also try installing it directly from your current Windows version, however I highly doubt it will work at all.
If anything else fails, you could still buy it from GOG (click on the Buy it! link from the Ultima 8 review here on Abandonia), that would give you Ultima 8 which should run without problems since their games usually come together with pre-configured DosBox and all the bells and whistles.