View Full Version : UFO2000 is working only with UFO

22-02-2004, 04:15 PM
it produces erros when you try to run it with X-Com. i tried to trace the problem and it seems that the version available on abandonia only has settings for ufo (files that point to location) - more in file x:\ufo2000\init-scripts\filecheck.lua

person who cimpiled it must have forgotten to add options fo rother versions of this game or something. so it only works with ufo.
if you try with x-com: terror from the deep (TFTD) it seeks for files like man_1f1.spk which doesen't exist because TFTD has these files of type *.bdy.

22-02-2004, 04:41 PM
It seems to work for me with XCOM and UFO, both from Abandonia.

27-02-2004, 07:46 AM
my XCOM and UFO are from another source. i tried it as demo or xcom terror from the deep nothing seems to be working as it has some files different then it hsould have.

btw does anyone else have problems with resolution? i mean if i run it at 1024x768 the picture is offscreen. so i am guessing i should run it from 800x600 but i was wondering should it switch by itslef or do i have to do it manualy?

27-02-2004, 02:36 PM
I use my own UFO and TFTD (this is the one i U/L to Abandonia) as i have both org. on CD...

About the screen res, i use Win XP HOME and run 1024x768 and it works just fine... the screen resizes...

Also... as i said in the rewiev... READ the Readme... explains several screen-tourbles.. also, the developers have a forum.. sugest you go there and ask, since they know ALOT more then we do ;)

Good luck, and hope to see ya tagged <AB> in the game-server!