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28-06-2010, 09:19 AM
Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins

Info: MobyGames
MediaFire (http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=744c4b22298b2da00c814df2efeadc509d45c5cb 93b19e61a543906a5faff527) [CCD/IMG] [1,2 GB]
4shared (http://www.4shared.com/folder/gBv7a7PU/DRAGON.html) [CLONECD] [1,15 GB]

Uploaded by: bobson (http://www.abandonia.com/vbullet/../user/7622)
Uploaded by: Ermuli

26-07-2011, 12:50 PM
Here's an alternate download link. Retail UK source with covers, manual, install card, registration card & map.

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins [CLONECD] [1,15 Gb]
CD images (1,15 Gb), 4shared (http://www.4shared.com/folder/gBv7a7PU/DRAGON.html)

27-07-2011, 05:15 PM

I see that now Ermuli has added an alternate download link.

However Bobson's upload has gotten corrupted by Mediafire. I have downloaded these parts twice and the MD5 hashes do not match.

Part DragLor2.zip.003 should be f9f19c0817a076dbb090fd2e6e230a02 instead it is 3c1cee65ff41ed95e236beb43224f897

and DragLor2.zip.005 should be d9dcbc4fa0ba20abc79c24d07cdcdf4b instead it is dbc1b6eebb927a770b4457d5bde9fb16

I appreciate Ermuli's upload, but I have spent some time downloading twice and hashchecking Bobson's upload and I would really appreciate if those 2 parts can be fixed.

Thank you.