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13-12-2004, 07:33 AM
Jellydrop and I posted this question in Abandonia Games Discussion Forum, but it seems we talked to a wall, because nobody said anything about it. So I am going to try my luck here.

Both with VDMSound or DosBox the game returns

"unable to allocate memory for sound/voice directory cache."

message at the start.

Anybody has any idea as to how to fix this? I think that lack of answers in the aformentioned forum is probably due to the fact that the solution is so simple only a giant idiot can't see it and that's why people refrained from answering so that I wouldn't feel like an idiot.

Well, nice of you to be so considerate, really, but you don't have to be. I will gladly make myself an idiot, just please, tell me the solution to the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Eagle of Fire
13-12-2004, 08:02 PM
Tryied disabling the sound in the setup before playing the game?

Should work.

13-12-2004, 08:42 PM
Well, it does work.

I'd hate to sound ungrateful, but playing without sound is kinda... well... lame. Plus, the mouse pointer only moves in the upper half of the game screen.

There is just too much trouble trying to run this game.

It seems I will have to pass. Too bad, because I really wanted to see what all the fuss is about - I've been reading for years that this game is some sort of cult and all that.

Oh, well...

Thanks anyway...