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Submitted by admin on 29. April 2020 - 5:55.
The evolution of old-school DOS games to modern online slots
In most areas of gaming we can see a clear evolutionary pattern from the early, crude inventions right through to the present day. One of the biggest developments in the industry occurred in the 1980s with the inception of DOS in 1981.
This platform offered a significant breakthrough in computing as a whole but as far as gaming was concerned, this was a revolution.
Early Games
Present gamers may not be familiar with DOS as a concept, but they may have heard of some of their gaming titles. Quake, Day of the Tentacle, Blood, and Command and Conquer were 90s classics that clung on in the early days of the internet and continue to offer a nostalgic aspect to gaming.
Developers in the modern day have built on the success of those early DOS productions and this is where we can trace the evolutionary pattern. The leap from Command and Conquer to big ‘shoot em up’ titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive isn’t too hard to see. The jump can be seen in other games too but the difference between now and those far off DOS days is that the current options are so much better.
Clearer, stunning graphics and perfect sound effects help to bring gaming into the 21st century and that evolutionary path continues. It’s fascinating to trace the lines back and we can also see this development in the world of online gambling games.
Take a Spin
DOS gaming wasn’t short of casino options and several titles began to appear from their birth in 1981. Lucky’s Casino, Vegas Casino and 4 Queens Casino are just three options and each of them had a loyal following.
If we take a look at those games now, we can easily date them to their origins between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. They’re fun but the graphics are basic to say the least and the sound quality is also lacking. Casino games are just part of the DOS story but it’s a part that underlines the theory of gaming evolution perfectly.
Compare and Contrast
If we take a look at the online gambling industry today, not only have we seen a huge improvement in the quality of games, the question of choice will also make us thankful that we’ve arrived in the 21st century.
A direct comparison can easily be made with table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette. Very basic examples existed during the days of DOS, but these have made a huge leap into the present day. Not only is there the possibility to play with high quality automated software, many operators have now introduced live casino into their platform. With clear visuals and pitch perfect graphics, it’s the closest thing to playing in the real world.
The gaming choice for players is also so much larger and varied now with gambling sites making sure they cater for everyone giving players the choice between bingo and slots as well having classic card and table games. Some sites also even have an option to play and bet on lotteries from around the world.

The advancements in technology have enabled Gaming graphics to develop with games having much clearer visuals and realistic sounds. Clear Examples A number of operators underline just how far the gaming industry has come in the years since DOS launched in 1981. Among their number are 888Ladies who list one of the widest sets of bingo and slots games online. Slot machines proved to be problematic for early developers, there were some options but they were extremely basic and crude, so this area of casino play was largely left to the physical realms. Contrast that with the landscape today where an operator such as 888Ladies has over a hundred different slot titles to choose from. Advances in software have meant that games developers can provide players with a host of themes from classic horror, adventure, cartoon fun and titles based on popular films and TV shows. Classic fruit machine games still exist so those with a nostalgic outlook are fully catered for too. Bingo is another game to have benefitted from the current makeover. From very elementary games produced by early developers, this area of online casinos employs a number of cards with a choice of entry levels. That’s another obvious change - the ability to stake and, hopefully, win some money, but in regards to the transition from 1980s DOS to the present day, it’s mainly about quality, entertainment and variety. Keeping it Real It is still possible to play DOS games using modern equipment thanks to a clever piece of software known as the DOSbox. This, together with a set of safe downloads from an established and respected central website, will allow players to access a wide range of titles and many of the old favourites are in there including Quake, Dark Forces, and the classic Tetris. While it’s great to be able to play titles that bring an edge of realism into our gaming, there will always be a big demand for nostalgia. That’s particularly true for those who played the original DOS games back in the 1990s and beyond but there is a whole new generation of fans switching on. That need for nostalgia will hopefully continue and we’ve seen it elsewhere with the likes of Atari and early Super Mario games attracting a lot of interest. It’s undoubtedly true that developers do it bigger and better in the modern day but it’s always important to look back to the roots of gaming and, while we appreciate what we have right now, we can still switch back and play in the old fashioned way.

posted by admin // 29-04-2020 // permalink
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