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Optimizing Performance

Submitted by admin on 28. March 2008 - 13:06.

Some games will run too slow, so you will have to adjust cycle count and frameskip. Do this by using next key combination:

CTRL-F7 = Decreases frameskip
CTRL-F8 = Increases frameskip
CTRL-F11 = Slows down the game
CTRL-F12 = Speeds up the game

You can see current cycle and frameskip at the top of DOSBox window. (Only in windowed more, so if you are in Full Screen, change back to windowed mode by pressing ALT + Enter)

Cycles and Frameskip

By default cycles are set to 3000 and frameskip is set to 0.

NOTE: Default values for cycles and frameskip can be changed, as well the rate by which they change. This will be included in advanced topics.

If you speeding up the game, you have to watch over your CPU usage (Press "ctrl + alt + del" on your computer and select "Performance" tab on WindowsXP) as if CPU usage reaches 100% game will again slow down

CPU Usage

Some games on the other hand will run too fast on the new machines, and then you must slow your computer down until you can play the game normally.

This will cover basic installation and use of DOSBox. Next tutorials will be on use of DOSBox front end "DFend" and advanced configuration set-up. (and use of predefined shortcuts)

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