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Download and installation of games

Submitted by admin on 28. March 2008 - 13:04.

Now it's time to get a game you like to play.

Process of downloading and installing the game has four steps:

1. Download the game
2. Unzip the game
3. Look for setup/configuration file, and set up sound and/or other settings (make sure you save changes)
4. Start the game

For this tutorial we will use "FlashBack", great side scrolling action adventure game. This game is available at Abandonia, so just flow this link, and press "Get It". On the second screen also press "Get it".

NOTE 1: to keep Abandonia running and free, please click on couple of ads. Doing this you will help us keep this site up!) Save game to Downloads sub folder.

NOTE 2: make sure to check for any additional info/setup instuction in extras selection on this page, and/or in review.

After game is downloaded, double click on it to start WinZip. Select "Extract" from WinZip toolbar.


On the new window select CDrive subfolder when asked to select where to extract archive. Type "\flash" at the end so your extracts to should look like this: "C:\DOSBox\CDrive\Flash."

Select CDrive folder

NOTE 1: Some games at Abandonia will create their own directory, so you don't have to create subdirectory. There is a plan of updating all games so that they create subfolder when extracted to directory.

NOTE 2: Dos uses 8.3 naming convention, so your folders name should not be longer then 8 characters. You can create longer name folders, but then when using CD command; you will have to type first 6 characters and ~1 at the end or full name between two double quotes. Also avoid use of empty spaces.

Now start DOSBox form the Start Menu, and at the command prompt type "dir".

You should now see FLASH folder is on our C drive in DOSBox.

NOTE: DOSBox is not case sensitive. It's the same if you type cd or CD.

To move to that folder, type "cd flash".

Now, your command prompt from regular C:\> will change to "C:\FLASH>", so now you know that you are in flash directory.

Let's type dir again. This time you'll see contest of flash directory.

DOS Commands

First we will make sure the game is configured right. Type "install".

NOTE 1: It is recommended to run configuration or setup program for all games you download / own. Without it game may not work properly!

NOTE 2: To configure game, usually you have to run Install.exe, Setup.exe or Config.exe (you don't have to type .exe, as DOSBox will assume you like to run exactable). Also some games might not require this step. Read documentation that usually comes with the games in text file or word document format. (Also make sure you check in review or in extras category for that game) If you still have problems, use discussion link at the game web page to ask question.

NOTE 3: You can run only files with one of these extensions: .bat, .exe and .com. To loop trough files without typing, use tab key.

On next screen by using arrow keys select "Configuration" (or simply press "c").

Configuration menu

On new screen hit enter to select "Sound FX". DOSBox emulates SoundBlaster and Ad-Lib, and for this game "Ad-Lib Fast Machine" works the best.

NOTE: Trying different settings is best method to find right driver, if you don't know what it should be. DOSBox SoundBlaster default settings are:

SounBlaster16 base 220 irq 7 dma 1 hdma 5
These default setting can be changed in DOSBox configuration file.

Now select Music (or press "m")

"Ad-Lib / Sound Blaster" is default, and DOSBox emulates it, so select it by pressing enter.

Select return, and select "Yes" when asked to save these settings. Press q to quit setup program.

Now we can start the game. Start the game by typing FB in command prompt.

You should see first intro screen and then game menu. From there you can start the new game.

Game Intro

Screenshot of Flashback

NOTE 1: To play game in full screen, press ALT and ENTER at the same time. To change back in to window mode, press it again.

NOTE 2: To exit the game change view to window, and press x in top right corner, or simply press CTRL and F9 at the same time.

Congratulation, your first game is running!

Enjoy your play!

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