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Download Super Ski III

Super Ski III
4193 kb



SuperSki III, the last of its series, is a game about... wait for it... skiing! And you, as the player, get to be a... skiier! Who would've thought, eh? Well ok, not just skiing, there's also some snowboarding events, in case you get bored of skiing.

Oh great, a few lines and I've already described the whole game. I'm not even a big fan of sports games. Ok, let's see, what else... you can play with up to 4 human players (each take their turns). You have four game modes: practice, championship, tournament and single-event tournament. And you also have four difficulty levels, though I'm not sure what they change.

In each event you get to pick one out of 4 different tracks and one out of 4 different sets of skis/snowboards. Well except in Long Jump, because that's fairly linear. And the goal is, of course, to try to finish each event in the shortest possible time, avoiding typical obstacles like trees and flags. As you might notice by the screenshots, I don't do such a good job at that. Moral of the story, don't follow SupSuper's example, he sucks at games and has no right to be reviewing or even playing them.

Oh, and disregard all those rules for Long Jump, where all you have to do is jump as far as possible and land properly. This is, without shoving your face full of snow, like I tend to do. I might as well warn you, even if you land properly, you can't let the guy keep on going after the people are cheering, you have to end the game to get your score. Otherwise, he'll keep on going until he hits the edge of the game and gets disqualified. Seriously.

You can use either the keyboard (arrow keys) or the mouse to control your sportsman, and you can change this in the Options menu. I might as well explain the Options menu, since the game kinda lacks text. The arrow buttons control the size of the in-game screen, the slider at the bottom controls the draw distance, and the rest should be self-explanatory.

In terms of graphics, they're pretty good. The menu backgrounds are nice and it's more detailed than other sports games, specially more than its predecessor, although it has less events. The music and sound effects are also nothing to be ashamed for, doing their job fine, although there's no in-game music. To round it off, the game has some buttons on top allowing you to easily navigate through the menus from any point in the game, as well as loading/saving your game, which is always handy for long tournaments.

All in all, another fine addition to the winter sports games. Altough this one focus on skiing events, which can contribute to it getting repetitive, it should still be enough fun for any fan of the genre, so I give it a 4.

Oh, there's also a few french in text, so if you're an absolute zero at it, I'll translate:
joueur = player
voulez vous quitter? = do you wanna quit?
Oui = Yes
Non = No


Reviewed by: SupSuper / Screenshots by: SupSuper / Uploaded by: SupSuper / share on facebook

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